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9/17/07-BOOM PART 2



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Abe starts to stir and raises up to his knees, shaking the cobwebs out. The others start to slowly do the same as fire trucks, ambulances and police vehicles join Stefano’s men in racing up to the destroyed mansion. Fire is burning what’s left of the huge structure and everyone looks at the building, not being able to believe that a house once stood in that very same spot.

Stefano slowly gets up and stands to his feet. His back is to his home and he is fearful of what he may see when he turns around. He slowly does and a look of shock and sadness comes over his face. He can’t believe that a home that has been in the DiMera family for many generations is now gone. He stands back and watches as firemen rush up to the home, pouring water on the blaze in hopes of it not growing out of control.

As everyone looks on, Abe walks up to Stefano and tells him they will get to the bottom of this. Stefano laughs, saying that it would be like putting the Marx Brothers on a case. He then says that if it weren’t for Celeste, they all may be dead right now, so many thanks should go to her. Alexandra turns and thanks Celeste. She says that’s what mothers do.........protect their children. Celeste then looks at Stefano, saying that he better be grateful because, if Lexie wasn’t in the house with him,.........she would be happily dancing on his burnt corpse right now. Celeste then leans forward and kisses Lexie on the cheek. She then walks past Stefano to an ambulance to receive medical treatment. Lexie watches her leave and Abe asks if she is ok. Lexie fights back tears as she says she’s fine. She then turns and walks away, leaving both Stefano and Abe to look at one another.

At that moment, a police officer runs up to Stefano and tells him that Cassie has been found. When Stefano frantically asks about her, the officer says she’s alive........but has serious injuries. Stefano tells Abe he must go to the hospital so all of this can wait. For once, even Abe understands, and lets Stefano go. As Stefano runs with the officer past Marlena and Anna, they look at each other, upset that they still haven’t gotten a chance to talk to him. Anna tells a paramedic that she is alright so she wishes he would stop poking at her. Marlena tells her to be still and let them do their jobs but Anna isn’t listening. All she wants to know is when can she talk to Stefano one on one. Marlena nods her head, hoping for the very same thing, as they watch the mansion burn.

As Abe stands and watches the fire, Bo comes running up and asks him what happened. Abe looks at Bo, saying that he has a feeling that he already knows. Bo says he doesn’t know what Abe is talking about. Abe asks Bo if he knows how this explosion occurred. Bo says he was at the hospital when he got the call. Abe pauses, then tells him that if he finds out Bo is lying........stripping him of his badge will be the least of his worries. Abe then turns and starts to walk away but not before turning back around and telling Bo that he better tell his father that he is a prime suspect in all of this. Abe then walks off, leaving Bo to walk back to his car.......looking very worried.



Victor walks into the main living room with Roman and Nico following close behind. Victor walks over to his wine cabinet and pours both men a drink. Nico says that all of Victor’s men are keeping an eye on Stefano’s people and will call in if anything is up. Victor looks at Roman and tells him that he hasn’t been this proud of him since he married Isabella. Roman doesn’t smile, telling Victor that maybe if he would have done something like this sooner, Isabella may still be alive. Victor says that Isabella didn’t die of nothing else but the cancer that took her home, that’s all. He then says that Roman has to stop blaming himself for what happened with Sami and Eric and everyone else. He then says that the next time he has someone like Orpheus or Stefano in his cross hairs.......he better pull the [!@#$%^&*] trigger. Roman nods his head slowly.

Bo then walks in, saying that he saw Abe and hopes he believes the lie that he told him. Victor commends Bo, saying that he did what was necessary. Roman says that he’ll smooth it over with Abe later. Nobody need know what the three of them planned and carried out. There then is a knock at the main room door and Maggie stands right there looking at Victor. Bo, Roman and Nico excuse themselves and leave them both alone to talk.

Maggie walks over to Victor, telling him that the explosion is all over the nightly news. And, she says, she knows he did it. Victor says of course he did and will not deny it. He tells her that she knew what kind of man he was when they met so don’t act surprised now. Maggie pauses for a moment and says that she’ll be upstairs when he comes to bed. She then walks over and kisses him on his cheek, saying that she won’t interfere in business that’s not hers, so long as he’s honest with her. He agrees and tells her he’ll be up in a bit. After Maggie leaves, Victor looks through the glass door at Bo, Nico and Roman and grimly walks out to the patio.



Stefano paces the waiting area as Lexie goes to see what’s going on with Cassie. Marlena then walks in and Stefano tells her that Cassie has a concussion but seems to be ok. Marlena is glad to hear her daughter is ok. Stefano then tells Marlena he gets the feeling she is there for another reason besides checking on Cassie. She says she needs to talk to him.........about Roman. Stefano says that Roman Brady is the last thing he wants to discuss. Marlena doesn’t care about that. She needs a favor from him regarding Roman. Stefano says that she hasn’t repaid him for the favor he did for Sami before her execution. Marlena says he didn’t do one damn thing. He lies, saying that it was he who kept her from being executed. Marlena doesn’t believe him but asks him what he intends to do about Roman.

From a distance, Anna watches as Stefano asks Marlena if they can go onto the balcony and talk about this. Marlena agrees and, as she follows Stefano, Belle walks into the waiting area, having seen her mother leave with Stefano. Just then, Roman walks into the waiting area, saying that he heard about the explosion and asks if Marlena is there.

Belle has a worried look on her face, not knowing if she should lie to her father..........or tell him the truth.



Hope, Steve, and Tony talk while in the dungeon. Hope wonders how they will get out. Tony shakes his head, saying no one will even think about looking for them there. Steve says he is not going to wait around like some little dude. He is going to find a way out on his own. After a short time, they are shocked when the door opens and Byron returns. He tells them all to go. Hope asks why he changed his mind. Byron says it didn't feel right and they are good people. He knows Tony is from knowing him for years while working for the family and he can tell her and Steve are. Steve, Hope, and Tony give him their contact info and tell him they will be in touch to get him and his family protection. They tell him to go home now and to leave the area with his family for their own protection. Byron agrees and thanks
them. They then thank Byron in return for having the courage to come back for them and do the right thing. Byron warns them that Stefano may know they were at Maison Blanche as one of the Dimera security people knew. He tells them to watch their back. They thank him and promise they will. They wish Byron luck and go upstairs.

Later, as they are about to leave, Hope thinks they should call Bo and Kayla. Steve thinks it is a good idea but that it would be easier if she called as he might say something wrong or something and cause more problems then they need. Hope nods her head and says she will do it. She then dials Bo's number and he answers from the Kiriakis Mansion. The reception is poor. Bo asks where she is. Hope says she is with Steve right now and she doesn't know when her or Steve will be home. She just wanted to tell him they are fine and they will
keep in touch. He asks her to tell Kayla and the rest of the family and to give JT a big kiss for her. Bo tells Hope she is breaking up and tries to ask her where she is. Just as Bo is about to ask her again, the line goes dead, worrying Bo. Hope tells Steve the phone lost it's signal and the reception was poor the whole time. Tony tells them they have no time. They need to get to the airport if they are going to fly out tonight to Italy. Hope tells Steve they can call Bo and Kayla again sometime later and, hopefully, they will have a clearer call. They all then head for the airport

Meanwhile, back in Salem, Bo feverishly tries to reach Hope, wondering what happened to her phone and what is going on as the scene fades to black.



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THe one thing that I have had a problem with was addressed and I thank you. Victor said to Roman "If you have Orpheus or Stefano in your crosshairs, you pull the [!@#$%^&*] trigger" Thank you for addressing it.

Great episode with my new favorite couple, Victor and Maggie. What a wayto revitalize them

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