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3 Letters! Episode40



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Huntington Memorial Hospital

Diego, looking at Natalia

"I heard everything. You paid someone to stab Dahlia, and you slept with Mark. I knew something was not right with him."


"You have no idea on what your talking about. You must of heard wrong. Clean you ears out." Natalia swiftly walks away and around a corner and breathes a sigh of relief.


"I know what I heard." He goes to his office

Ria walks up to Natalia and hands her some coffee.

"Are you ok? It look like you seen a ghost."


"I'm good. Just need to catch my breath." She sips on her coffee. Thinking of Suga and the money.., that is until Bryan walks by her.

Ria watches Natalia stare down Bryan

"Uh-oh, I know that look."


"What look?"


"That's the same look you had in your eyes when you saw Mark at the shop. Girl what are you up to now?


" I told you we needed a plan to get those Bitches back who done us wrong. Now I know how I am going to get Sabryn back and get some money at the same time." *Thinking to herself* "And I can pay Suga her money" "Sabryn does have one up on me. It's time to even the score. Bryan does own that club downtown. I know it's doing real good. It's time I make an investment. And I can get my revenge on Sabryn for firing me."


"That's my girl."


"You always told me, use what I got to get what I want."


"What about Mark?"


"I love Mark, I want to have his child, so we can be together forever. Bryan is just strictly business. A side show. No one can change how I feel about Mark. I'll call you later and let you know how it went."


"Ok, I'm going to try and meet up with Karim and try to talk some sense into that knuckle head" They wish each other good luck as they part ways, with Natalia stalking Bryan.


Episode: 40

Written by:ML Cooks with MON!QUEB!TCHE$

In Dahlia's roomffar44.jpg

Mark is sitting next to her holding her hand against his face,

"I'm praying for you Dahlia. I am so sorry I let you down. This shouldn't even be happening to you right now. If I could trade places with you I would in a heart beat. I can't lose you mamasita. I miss you. I miss holding you. Smelling your hair. Looking into your eyes. I miss your scent, your soft touch. Please Dahlia, you got to pull through this and open your eyes. I promise you better days are ahead" Mark is interrupted by Diego, who clears his throat.


"Yes doctor?"


"Visiting hours are over. You must leave now."


"You don't have to be so rude about it."


"You got a lot of nerve."


"Excuse me?"


"Please Mr. Mortimer, just be on your way. Thank you in advance for your cooperation." Mark gets up, kisses Dahlia on the forehead. He exchanges looks with Diego before walking out. Diego looks out the door window to ensure Mark has left. He closes the blind so no one can see inside Dahlia's room. He looks at Dahlia and walks over to her. He admires her beauty. Looking at her resting so peacefully, he caresses her face.

"People have done you wrong. Your man cheated on you, and Natalia tried to have you killed. " He pauses, thinking of the ill fated events that Dahlia has had to endure lately.

"You don't have to worry about them no more. I'm going to protect you."

Westwood Park, Lauren's House

Lauren and Chris step out of the shower. They hold each other and kiss.


"I haven't felt this good in a long time."


"There's a lot more where that came from. I'm Doctor feel good " He holds her as he grabs a hand full of her rump and shakes it, then smacks it. They kiss again.

"Get dressed. I got a surprise for you."


"I love surprises. Can I get a clue?"


"Sure, I hope you like Jazz."


"Were going to see Norman Brown at the Old Pasadena Jazz fest aren't we?"


"That's why I am so attracted to you. Your smart, and beautiful." They kiss yet again as they get dressed for the concert.

Back at the hospital.

Daniel looks nervously at Mona, who again is dressed up like a white nurse. Mona motions for him to sit down. He does and she joins him


"How in the hell did you get in here?"


"I'm resourceful. I'm full of surprises. I'm like a box of chocolate, you never what you're going to get when I'm involved. I thought you knew that, then again, look at who I am talking too. The dumbest of them all."


"Look, I won't tell anyone you tried to kill me. Just please leave Me and Lauren alone."


"I can't do that Danny boy. This is so much fun for me. It makes me wet, knowing I am making you suffer. And besides you're a loose cannon and I have to keep you under my control. I can't let you mess things up for me. I'm so close to getting Sharan, I can taste her. And how sweet she is going to taste."


"You are out of you're mind. You'll never get away with it. You need to be in this psyc ward. Not me"


"I shot you and got away with it. I faked my death and got away with it. You must not know about me" Mona suddenly stabs him with another high does of meth.


"You bitch"


"What!" Mona forgetting where she's at, calms herself, as to not give her disguise up.

"Danny Boy, you just said the wrong thing to me." The meth begins to kick into Daniel's system.

"Soon Danny boy, you will be a memory to this world. Mark my words. You're a dead man." Mona leaves on that last chilling note. Daniel feels as if bugs are crawling on his skin and he begins to pick at his skin while thinking of an escape from the psycward. He sees a janitor leaving the locked facility and makes a dash out for the door. He succeeds and makes it out into the parking lot. High off meth again, Daniel sets out in Pasadena.


Ty's limo pulls up to Brookside Park. les2.jpgSantino opens that door and Ty and Jenn steps out. Ty whispers to Santino, "Find Mona, and go over on Colorado Blvd and get my money from M.J." Santino nods and drives off.


"I can't wait to see Norman Brown play."


"I can't wait to get you home again so I can lay it on you."


"You so nasty. But I love it." They kiss. She turns around and is about to head over to the seating area until she spots someone she really doesn't want to see.

"I don't believe this" Jenn turns around and sees Lauren, with Chris.


"Oh here we go. I'm going to have to hear another one of Lauren's preacher services.

The Jump Offbar2.jpg


"A prostitute?"

Jodiejodi1.jpg has tears in her eyes.

"Yes. That's why I left Cleveland. I wanted to start a new. Get away from all of that. I want a new life. I want to turn over a new leaf."


"I can't tell. You're still letting men buy you. The for sale sign is written all over you. How much would you have charged Ty Jodie? How much are your kisses, how much are blowjobs, and how much for your pus-"

Jodie, cutting him off

"Please don't say that. I was not going to sleep with him."


"I don't know that. Your actions tell me a different story. I don't know if I can trust you. Do you handout coupons too? Buy one head job, get the other one free? I don't even know what to say right now. You are full of surprises"


"Please don't say that. You don't understand."


"Understand what? Make me understand Jodie. What else are you hiding?"


"Mike, please, don't do this. I am asking you to trust me."


" Trust? That's a good one Jodie. I don't know if I can do that Jodie. I told you how Jenn left me. I don't want to be hurt again and it seems that's how this is going to turn out."


"Mike, I care for you. Deeply. It was just dinner. That's all. What can I do to get you to believe me?'


"Tell me what you are running from? What are you hiding? Why should I believe you wasn't going to sleep with Ty?"

Jodie has tears rolling down her face. She whispers

" Because I have HIV"………


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  • Members

WOW! What a cliffhanger! I seriously did not see that coming. Great job with the Jodie reveal.

Poor Daniel, getting terrorized by Mona. Do we know why she is doing this or are we going to find out?

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  • Members

Great cliffhanger aMLC. Do you think we could get together and talk on AIM sometime about your blog? I have some questions (and some suggestions) I'd like to pass your way.

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  • Members

The dialogue in this episode was razor sharp! We must be in tune because I totally was thinking I bet Jodie has an STD, but it's much worse. Poor Jodie and poor Daniel. Damn that guy never gets a break.

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Im glad you all liked it. I was very nervous about the Jodie twist. Yes S.T.E.A.M. is a bit over the top but rest assure, the HIV storyline will be told RIGHT. Thanks Matt and Tishy for your input and Thanks Mike and Ryan

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