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Sit Up! Episode39



Huntington Memorial Hospitalhospital.jpg

Ty, with new woman Jenn right by his side enters the psych ward. They exchange a kiss as they wait for Daniel to come greet them in the visitors lounge.


"Last night was so great."


"I do my best to please. You are well worth it."


"I haven't been this happy since, I can't even remember. No more greasy pub and lonely nights for me."


"You're right about that." He kisses her.

Daniel clears his throat as he enters the room. Ty smiles and hugs his number one right hand man.

"It's good to see you Danny boy."


"I see you finally got the girl."


"Yes I did."


"How are you Jenn?"


"I'm great and you?"


"Look at where I'm at. Ty, man you have to get me out of here."

Ty, looking at Jenn

"Here, take this (pulling a wad of cash from his pocket) " Go get something pretty. I have a surprise for you."

Jenn, (flabbergasted, that the man she has longed for just gave her cash to go shopping, "I can get used to this"*she thinks to herself*)

"Wow, A surprise. Ty you are to much."


"Nothing is to much for the woman I love. Have a good time. I'll meet you in a little while." He kisses her and she leaves. Ty and Daniel sit down.


"Abe came by last night."


"Is that so? And what did the chief have to say this time?"


"He's watching us."


"Is that right? That must mean he has to much time on his hands. I'll have to change that."


"So that means you're going to play your trump card?"


"I believe so. The time has come. I can't let Abe stop me from making my money. Mike is out the way, I got the girl, so it's time for phase two. It's time to start blackmailing Abe with his past. Once Abe is out the way, I can put my own man in the Chief's place and that will mean I don't have to look over my shoulder when I sell my product. Speaking of which. I haven't heard from Mona in some days. Have you?"

Upon Ty asking him that, he gets nervous and gets up and looks out the window overlooking the parking lot


"What's the matter?"


"Nothing. I just need to get out of here."


"O.k. I'll see what I can do. I really need to ask you something man. This has been on my mind and I can't put it to rest until I hear it from you." Daniel turns to him and looks at him, knowing that Ty is being really serious.

"What is it?"


"Please tell me you did not try to off yourself. Someone set this up didn't they? Tell me who it is You know I won't let them get away with this?"

Daniel pauses, wanting to tell Ty about Mona, but afraid that if he does, Mona will kill Lauren just like she tried to kill him. Daniel's gut instinct is to tell his boos the truth, knowing he is powerful and will protect him like a brother, but because he loves Lauren so much, he continues to lie.

"Ty, I really did try to commit suicide."


"Danny, man you know you could have come to me about anything. You know I consider you like a brother to me." Ty hugs him then stops. "Look man, I need to get going. I'm getting to emotional." Daniel laughs


"Don't tell no body." He says laughing with Daniel. "I'm going to see what I can do to get you out of here. I need you in the streets pushing my product. My cash flow is hurting right now. Santino can't push product like you. So I'll be in contact." Ty leaves. Daniel turns around to look out the window once more. He hears a woman clears her throat and he turns around to see Mona, dressed like a white nurse again!thblackrose.gif


Episode :39

Written by ML Cooks with MON!QUEB!TCHE$

The Jump Off

gallery_8_sm.jpgMike is drinking a Heineken at the Bar.

"May I join you?"

Mike turns around and sees it's Jodie2093660819.jpg

"Suit yourself"

Jodie orders a Heineken as well.

"Mike, can you just listen to me for a second?"




"I know that you seeing me with Ty at The Blue Note has cast doubts about my character."


"To say the least."


"Like I told you that night. You don't understand."


"Then Jodie, help me understand since you have the answers for everything."


"I don't have a lot of money. When I went into TC Hotel I didn't know it was Ty's Hotel. He offered to give me a room free if I went to dinner with him. So I accepted."


"I didn't know you were for sale."


"It's not like that Mike. I need to pinch my pennies. I don't have a job yet. So what was I supposed to do?"


"I don't know Jodie, you tell me. What I can't figure out is, when I called you, your phone kept going to voice mail. I feel like you were ignoring my calls for Ty,"


"No. Not the case of all. I knew if I told you what I was doing or with whom, you would-"


"What be upset? You're right. I told you how Ty has ruined my life. Got me suspended then fired, takes Jenn from me. Then I see you dining with him. What am I supposed to think to think Jodie?"


"Mike please. It was not as if I was trying to get with him."


"How do I know?"


"Trust me when I say that"


"I don't know you like that to be trusting you. Based on your actions, my mind is sending me the red flag when it comes to you. I mean what if Ty offered you a million dollars to sleep with him?"


"Mike don't be ridiculous. You don't understand. That would never happen. Even if he offered me 2 million. I'm not that type of woman no more."

Mike almost spits his beer out upon hearing her last statement.


"What do you mean no more?"

Jodie, realizing she just said way to much tries to think of an answer to cover up her last line. She just decides to tell Mike the truth, to prove to him that she is sincere, and maybe gain his sympathy

"I used to be a prostitute."

Midtown Pasadenaoldtownpasadena.jpg, High Klass Hairjune2006mess.jpg

sanaabig3.jpgSharan pulls away from Dondre's Kiss when she sees Kevin stepping out the limo.

"Kevin is here." Sharan greets him outside. dondre2-1.jpgDondre, is left standing there, looking at the woman he loves run into the arms of another man. He shakes his head in disappointment that Kevin has showed up, stopping his kiss with Sharan, not knowing how far it was going to go.



"Hi baby, This is a surprise. What are you doing here in a limo?"

Kevin kisses her.

"We have been around so many crazy things lately that I think it's time for us to have a good time."


"I like where this is going."


"Were going to the Old Pasadena Jazz Fest in beautiful Brookside Park."


"Baby, I can't wait. It's been a while since I saw some live Jazz. Who's going to be playing?" She asks as she gets in the limo


"The great Norman Brown." Sharan lays in his arms, thinking of her kiss with Dondre.


"Dondre didn't make any moves on you today did he?"

Sharan, looking at him out of guilt,

"Baby what are you talking about?"


"You know Dondre has a track record of trying to get mixed up with involved woman."


"Even if he did baby, I love you. You have nothing to worry about."

Kevin smiles at her

"That's what I like to hear." He kisses her as the limo arrives at Brookside Park.

TC Hotel, The Bar

Karim sips on his cognac and Alexis sips on her Sex on the Beach


"So how long you're going to be here in Pasadena?"


"Oh I don't know. My sister needs some soul searching and I'm here to help her get her act together. I don't even think she knows I'm here yet. I tried to call her but we got a bad signal due the storm."


"Yea. That was some storm."


"Try driving a u-haul in it."


"Oh, that is your big u-haul I see out in front. I couldn't imagine a little thing like you driving something so big."


"Yea well I won't let that happen again. I think I hit something or ran up on a curb or something. But you know what? I love driving big things." She winks at him, and he smiles.

"You have such a beautiful smile. It makes me tingly on the inside."


"Is that right? I'm known for making the ladies to feel other things too."


"I bet. When can I find out papi?"


"Uhm, you're blunt. I like that about you."


"You ever hear of clothes mouths don't get fed?"


"Yes I have."

Alexis plants a kiss on him.

Huntington Memorial Hospital

kuyf.jpgBryan sits in the waiting room in shock, reeling from the news that Ashley is dead.

"This can't be happening. This has to be a dream."

saoudGAOT0D09032005120602.jpgSabryn, feeling Bryan's pain holds him

"It was an accident. A freak accident. That's all."


"Sabryn, she's dead because of me. Her death is on my hands." Her phone rings

"Hello,…Gilbert, this really isn't a good time….. You can't be serious….OK I'm on my way." She hangs her phone up. "I have to go to the office. Chinese terrorist has hacked into my computer systems. I really hate to leave, but this is major."


"Go ahead. I understand…Wait, you said you had something to tell me." She smiles at him

"Yes I do, it's some news you need to hear. Don't worry, it's good I think. You can look forward to it that's for sure. Why don't you meet me at The Blue Note. You need to eat something."


"No, I just want things back they way they used to be."


"I understand. But I have a ray of hope for you. I'll see you soon." She leaves, and Bryan wonders what she has to tell him. "Could it be she wants to reunite". Deciding to pay some respects to Ashley, he goes into see her dead body. He slowly walks over to her.

"Ashley, I am so sorry. More sorry than you could ever imagine. I never meant for you to get caught with me like this. " He holds her cold hand. "I didn't know much about you, but I really pray you are resting in peace. May God Bless you." He wipes a tear from his eye. He then gently kisses her hand and walks out the room. As the door closes , Ashley sits up!……


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Whoa chilling ending! I was really happy to see Ashley back alive because she's such a fun psycho to read about. Or this could be Bryan's mind playing tricks on him out of guilt.

Daniel's in even more trouble now that Mona will be "taking care of him." I can't believe how much toruture he's endured throughout the series. Seriously Jody and Ty make a better pairing then Jenn and Ty. Jenn's too goody-good where as Jodie's a whore. Literally.

Awesome ending. Sorry I've been distant on my postings, I was blocked from the blogs for sometime but I'm back.

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