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Natalia does it Again!Episode41




TC Hotel, Room 401tchotel.jpg

With Alexis laying on the bed, her ass is just slightly off the bed, with Karim standing on the floor, making it easier for Karim to slide deep inside of her. With his feet on the floor it enables for him bend down on top of her pinning her down on the bed, with her legs on his shoulders, and her hands on his waist, Karim climaxes from the pound session he just gave to Alexis. Taking all his frustrations out on Alexis's poor innocent love muff, he let's out some moans and some commands,

"MMM, damn girl, wait.. Don't move, don't move …ahh, ……yea." He looks into her eyes. "You feel that?" He says as he applies pressure to his dick, making it bigger and squirting all his nuts inside of her, Karim leans down and kisses Alexis. There kiss is interrupted with her cell phone. Karim begins to lick on her nipples as grabs the phone, not being to far from her, it was already on the bed.

"Hello, ….ahh" She puts her hand over the receiver to cover up her love sounds. " What!" Alexis sits up and gets serious. "No this can't be happening." She hangs up the phone.


"What's going on?"


"My sister is dead."



Written by ML Cooks with MON!QUEB!TCHE$

Kevin and Sharan are slow dancing at Brookside Park, enjoying the last few songs by Norman Brown, at the Old Pasadena Jazz fest.


"I had a lovely time baby."


"I did too." He kisses her on the lips. As he does that, Sharan has a flashback of kissing Dondre. She suddenly pulls back.


"What's the matter?"


"Nothing, I just got a chill."

Kevin, taking his jacket off and wrapping it around Sharan's arms.

"Why don't we go home, sit in some bubble bath, light some candles, put on some Al B. Sure, open a bottle of champagne and make love by the fire place."

Sharan kisses her man, looking forward to spending a romantic evening with Kevin.


"I can't wait. Let's go." Kevin and Sharan get back into the limo.

lib-1.jpgThe lady in black ashes her blunt she was smokingweed-1.gif in her car. She turns the key to the ignition and follows Kevin and Sharan's limo.

Dondre, lining his face up in his bathroom, puts his trimmers down when he hears someone knock on his door. He opens it

"Ria, What are you doing here?"


"What do you mean what I am doing here? I'm not aloud to be here?" She says as she barges in, inviting herself in.


"I don't feel like seeing you."


"Why is that? You never said that when I was giving you this good pu$$y.


"I told you I didn't want no drama. And What did you do? Get us caught. All you had to do was keep yo big mouth shut. You talk to damn much."


"What I did. No..no This is all Sharan's fault. That nosy Bitch. And what's this I hear about you setting up romantic breakfast's for her? Why didn't you ever do that for me?'


"You had a man for that. You knew what this was Ria. Sex. Karim can make love to you, I'ma beat up. This aint love, this is nothing but meaningless sex."


"Well I'm am ready to have it." She opens up her trench coat she's wearing, to reveal, her beautiful mocha toned body. "Beat it up Dre."

Dondre, smiling a bit, getting aroused.

"Can't do that. You blew it."


"What do you mean Dre? You don't want nothing more to do with me now?"


"I think it would be best."


"Best for who? Miss nosy posy. Do, you love Sharan?"

Dondre, hesitating before answering.


"Answer me! Do you love Sharan?"


"I think you should leave." He hands her back her trench coat.


"You can't give me an answer. Is that how little you think of me?"


" Yes I love Sharan."


" Aint this bout a Bitch! What does she got that I don't? What's so special about her."


"It's not even about that. Are you forgetting that up until last night you were engaged to Karim. So now that he broke things off, don't try to stake a claim in me. Don't make me your man because you lonely. You knew what you were getting into when we started this whole thing. I don't want you like that. You know this. So please, stop making this hard on yourself and-" Ria slaps him.

"I will not let you be with Sharan. If I can't be happy, neither will you two be. I promise you that." She wipes tears from her eyes, gathering herself together, she leaves her once part time lover's house.

Brookside Park

Lauren and Chris face Ty and Jenn


"Hey Lauren. It's good to see you here with Chris."


"I wish I could say the same for you."


"Lauren please don't start. No one is in the mood to hear your lies."

Jenn, trying to cool things down.

"I came by The Blue Note but Pierre told me Daniel came to the restaurant or something"


"What? I didn't know he was up and moving around."


"Ohh please. Don't act like you care."


"Please Lauren, can you just be happy for me?"


"Sorry Jenn, I cannot. Ty is evil, a drug dealer and scum. I can't be happy for you knowing that you can do better."


"Why don't you let me decide that? There is no proof Ty sells drugs."


"One day Jenn, you will see Ty for what he really is. I hope it's not to late."


"Lauren get a life. Is Chris not interesting to you? All you do is talk about me and accuse me of everything that's going wrong. From Daniel on drugs, to the Iraq war to Global warming. You have no proof, and if you don't stop, I'm going to have to take further action against you."


"Ty, you need to leave her alone."


"Look at this. The big strong boyfriend coming to the lady's defense. The sex must have been good huh? Daniel always told me how good Lauren was at moving her hips."

Jenn is appalled at her man just said to her best friend.


"Burn in hell. You too Jenn for letting Ty talk to me this way. I thought we were better than that." She says as her and Chris walk off. Jenn turns to Ty.


"What's the matter?"


"You didn't have to be so mean to Lauren. That was down right disrespectful."


"Give me a break Jenn. Everytime I see Lauren it's the same [!@#$%^&*], just a different toilet. I can't take it no more. Put yourself in my shoes. You would not like to be harassed on a daily basis by some one who has no life….Listen I got some things to take care of, I'm going to have Santino drop you off by the mansion."


"Should I wait up for you?"


"No, I'll be home late."


"Well what are you going to be doing?"


"Jenn relax. What's with the questions? Don't you trust me?"


"Never said I didn't."


"Great, don't forget I have a 5 star hotel to run.." He kisses her as she gets in the limo. Jenn looks at Ty in disappointment, having to spend tonight by herself, the very same thing she left Mike for. She wonders is Ty really telling her the truth about not selling drugs. She also wonders what is he going to be doing and with whom. Once Jenn has pulled off, Ty pulls out his cell phone and calls Mona.

"You'll be delighted to know, I am going to take care of Abe."

Mona, in her car still following Kevin and Sharan's limo.

"It's about damn time. I can't take to many more days with out Sharan. So the sooner you get him out the way, the sooner I can take Sharan and the sooner Abe will pay for what he's done."


"Daniel has been out the hospital. Have you seen him?" Upon hearing Ty's question, she just hangs up on him.

The Jump Off.bar2.jpg

Drinking heavily, on double shots of 1232.gif, images of running over Ashley keep playing over and over in his mind. In between his drinks, his cell phone rings. As he answers it,nc015.jpg Natalia enters the club and scopes the place out. With it being almost 3:30 in the morning, the club is just closing. As the last few partygoers leave, she locks the club doors. She looks up at the walls looking for security cameras. Upon seeing several, a smile appears on her face and she searches for Bryan's office to see where all camera recordings come from.

Meanwhile, on the phone

bryan6.jpgBryan, barely able to hand the phone still to his ear

"I'm at my club I had to grab a few drinks. I can't stop thinking about Ashley's death and the accident"


"Are you ok?"


"I am trying to be. Sabryn, I'm drunk."


"I'm going to call you a cab. It looks like I won't be done until 7 or 8."


"Sabryn, I love you with all my heart" (So drunk Bryan, he begins to cry, emotions running high)" I never meant to hurt you. You have to know that. I promise I won't ever hurt you again."


"Bryan, it's going to be ok. I'll be at my mansion as soon as I leave here. The cab will take you." They hang up. Bryan takes another big gulp of 151. Feeling woozy, and the room spinning, he lays his head down on the bar. He suddenly feels his shoulders being massaged.


"That feels so good."

Natalia then takes her nails and slightly press up against Bryan's back, moving them up and down his back, stimulating him. Still feeling woozy and dizzy, and now horny, he gathers all the strength he can muster and turns around to see where the soft touches are coming from. Bryan can tell it's a woman but because he is so drunk and the room is spinning, the sight of the woman is blurry. Natalia immediate kisses him at the same time, unzipping his pants and pulling his dick out. As Natalia feels his dick with her hand, she is amazed by how big it feels and stops kissing him to look at it.

" Wow, I never imagined," She pulls out a measuring tape from her purse, and quickly measures his penis.

"10 glorious inches. I can't see how Sabryn can handle you. But tonight, I'm about to show how I can handle you."

Natalia pushes Bryan onto a pool table, pants down, dick standing straight up, she pulls her panties down, leaving her heels on. She gets on top off the pool table, and slowly slides Bryan's dick inside of her. She lets out a deep sigh. Bryan tries to grab her hips and get her to move to his groove but Natalia pins him down, disabling his movement. She slides up and down his shaft slowly so her walls can adjust to the massive dick. As her walls relaxes, she smiles, looking into a mirror. Proud, that she is having some good sex, sex that is with Sabryn's man, therefore extracting revenge on her enemy. Natalia has done it again!sex-1-1.jpg


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