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August 21, 2007




-At the hospital, Katherine is sitting in her office when there is a knock. Katherine tells whoever it is to come in. It's Barbara, who asks Katherine if she has made a decision yet. The psych department will need a replacement and time is running out, according to guidelines. Katherine says she knows but she has problems. Barbara looks at her and asks if Cal is giving her trouble. Katherine fills her in and says she messed up. Barbara tells her to go to Cal. They need to talk alot out, especially their trust issues. Katherine agrees but says she hurt Cal deeply and that he was already upset due to some other issues.

Barbara tells her to just find her husband and talk it all out. Katherine thanks Barbara. Barbara reminds Katherine that the offer she is getting is a great opportunity to work with a world-renowned psychiatrist. Katherine says she knows but it's still not worth losing Cal over. It will all depend on how things go when they talk. Barbara wishes her luck as Katherine thanks her. Barbara leaves, leaving Katherine alone to think about how she is going to go about talking to Cal about this.

-At the Toscano mansion, Cal is sitting with his father's executive assistant. He asks Cal if he is going to sit there all day. Cal says he can't believe Katherine would lie to him, especially now with what he is going through. Angelica overhears and tells Cal that people make mistakes. Katherine is his wife and it seems she had good intentions. She knew he was going through alot and didn't want to burden him. Angelica also makes note of the fact that it's not like Katherine agreed to the offer. She just didn't tell him and was waiting for a better time.

Cal realizes he has been a little harsh lately to those around him and that he can see why Katherine would do what she did. Angelica tells him to go talk to his wife. They need to talk everything out and then see where they stand. Cal realizes he said some hurtful things. He wonders what they will do about the job offer. Angelica tells him that marriage is about compromise and making decisions together. It will all work itself out when they talk. Cal thanks her for the advice and says he needs to find Katherine so they can talk. Angelica wishes him luck. Cal thanks her and says he will be back before walking out the mansion's front door.

On the pier, Tony is walking when he comes across Carrie, who is sitting on a bench with Evan. Recalling his idea to help Anna and Carrie's relationship, Tony approaches Carrie in hopes of talking to her.

Tony: Carrie! Long time, no see.

Carrie: Tony! It has been awhile.

Tony: I apologize for the fact that we have not played catch up sooner. My, have you grown since the days when you were that adorable little girl running around your mother and I in circles. You've really become a beautiful, loving woman.

Carrie: Thanks.

Tony: I want to apologize for your losses again. Losing Austin and your two siblings can't be easy.

Carrie: No. It's been really rough and, do me a favor. Tell my mother that when you see here because it's about time she got that through that thick skull of hers.

Tony: I know you two are having problems. Carrie, I know Anna comes on strong but give her a chance. She really wants to try and...

Carrie: That time passed long ago, Tony. She missed so many things in my life. I needed her so many times and she always avoided my phone call, that is when I was able to locate her. I mean, it took her days to talk to me after we came face to face on the cruise ship. I can't give a woman like that a break.

Tony: Carrie...

Carrie: Tony...don't defend her. Look, I am going through a rough time right now. I'm a single mother, my family is a mess...I don't know how my family or I will move on from this.

Tony: Simple. You all just need to follow your hearts and hold on to the memories. You all need to recognize that Austin, Eric, and Sami would want you all to be happy and to move on and lead wonderfully full lives.

Carrie: Easier said then done. It's just so hard walking around Salem and being reminded of...(begins to cry)

Tony (putting his arm around Carrie): I know. It's hard. Your strong though, as is your family. Carrie, why don't you try getting involved in something to take your mind off all the tragedy?

Carrie: I don't have the time. I have a child.

Tony: Well, you could get a job. I am sure Evan could go to a daycare or be looked after by a relative or friend.

Carrie: I've thought about it but...I'm not sure. It may be too soon or...

Tony: It's always going to be too soon. Austin would want you to move on, as would Eric and Samantha. Carrie, just follow your heart and trust it. Don't question it. Do what makes you happy and what feels right.

Carrie: Your right. I just have to think about what does feel right right now.

Tony: It will come. Now, about Anna...

Carrie: No, nothing about her. I don't wish to discuss her. I would appreciate it if you cooperated with my wishes.

Tony: Very well. (looks at watch) I must be going, anyways.

Tony embraces Carrie and then gently kisses her hand.

Tony: Good luck and do call me if you need anything.

Carrie: Thank you. Have a good afternoon.

Tony: You too. (looks at Evan and takes his hand) And you have a pleasant day too, young man.

Carrie smiles. Tony then smiles at her and walks away. Carrie then looks out on the water and contemplates what she should do from here and what is right for her. She then turns the pocket radio she has in Evan's stroller on for some music to help her think. A news channel is on and Carrie hears the end of a report on an event in Israel. It reminds her of Mike and how he said someone was needed to promote and help get funding for the clinic Robin and him are trying to set up. Carrie recalls her job experience, most notably her position as a PR executive at University Hospital, and says she has an idea.

-At the police station, everyone is still gathered near Chelsea's holding cell. Bo pulls Victor off of Stefano, who re-adjusts his collar and tells Victor he is lucky that he is a lenient man or he would press charges for assault. Victor tells Stefano to shut up. Stefano asks Abe if he is going to question him or not. Abe nods and says he will be. Stefano tells Abe to ask him what he wishes as he has much business to tend to. Victor assumes that means he is up to something involving all of them. Stefano chuckles. Abe asks Stefano if he is responsible for the DA and Judge Fitzpatrick changing gears and pushing for Chelsea to be in a mental hospital rather then jail.

Stefano denies doing anything. Victor lunges for him but is held back by Bo, Hope, Shane, Frankie, Greta, and Maggie. Maggie begs Victor to stop this, as does Caroline. Belle tells Kim she is worried about where all this is leading. Kayla overhears and agrees. Stefano asks Abe if he is free to go as this whole interrogation is a sham. He has no proof and really no reason to bring him in for questioning. Abe tells Stefano to just go. It was a mistake bringing him down as it accomplished nothing. Stefano comments on how the Salem PD is always such a thorough and well put together department. Bo tells him to cut the BS. Stefano agrees to and bids everyone good day, saying he will see them all around.

On the way out, Stefano walks up to Victor and whispers in his ear:

Stefano: This is only the beginning, old friend. What I did to Chelsea was a subtle act. It was minor. You just wait and see what I have coming up next.

Victor: So you did...

Stefano: You will never prove it or make it stick. Even if you did, I have top notch lawyers and I have my ways of maintaining my freedom and my productive life. You would be wise to remember that. Good day, Victor.

Stefano walks off as Victor watches in anger and disgust.

Meanwhile, Maggie's phone rings. It's Lucas, who tells her he hates to bother her again but needs advice. He tells her about his mother giving him control of Roberts INC. Maggie is happy and proud of him and tells him to take advantage of it and to remember what she told him earlier. He needs to just focus on other things and going back to work and running Roberts INC would be perfect. Lucas isn't sure he is ready for a position like that nor is he sure he has the mindset with what has happened. Maggie tells him to have faith and to just go with it. He needs to do that for himself and for Will.

After thinking for a moment, Lucas agrees that Maggie is right and tells her he will do it. Sami would want him to and it feels right. He will go run Roberts INC. Maggie is pleased and wishes him luck, reminding him to call if he needs anything or if he is tempted to have a drink. Lucas agrees and tells her to wish Chelsea and the family good luck and also tells Maggie thanks for everything. Maggie tells him anytime before they both say goodbye and hang up.

Just then, Will comes out of his room and asks what is going on. Lucas tells Will about him being the head of Roberts INC now and Will is overjoyed, thinking it's needed. Lucas tells will that it will be good if he can build the company up to give to him someday. Will smiles. Lucas tells Will that it may be best for him to go to the office right away to get used to everything so he can formerly start ASAP. Will thinks that is a good idea. Lucas tells Will he may need a little help getting ready to go and all. Will asks if he is going to replace mom as his fashion consultant. They both laugh. Lucas tells Will it's been awhile since he laughed. Will says he hopes it won't be long before it happens again. Lucas tells Will to come along and help him get ready. Will follows Lucas into his bedroom.

-Back at the station, Victor is still angry about Stefano. Maggie tries to calm him as Marlena shows up. Belle embraces her and she and Caroline fill her in on Kim and Shane leaving and the Chelsea issue. Caroline asks about Roman. Marlena says he is fine. Marlena is shocked Kim and Shane are leaving. Kim tells Marlena that Shane her are trying to give their relationship a go again so all this feels right. Marlena says she will miss them both as she embraces both of them. Caroline tells Marlena there will be a party at the Pub in another hour to say goodbye to Kim and Shane. Marlena says she wouldn't miss it for the world.

Meanwhile, Abby tells Chelsea she is so sorry for her having to go through this, on top of her mom being missing. Chelsea thanks her and asks if there is any word on Jack and her mom. Abby shakes her head and says she is beginning to lose hope. They both embrace and comfort each other. Chelsea sees Forrest watching from the corner and tells Abby to be careful. Abby asks if that was yet another warning about Forrest. Chelsea tells Abby she doesn't trust him and is worried about her being with him so much.

Abby tells Chelsea she is fine and that Forrest has done nothing but comfort her and try to help her. She adds that she can't wait for the day when Chelsea and everyone else realizes that they are all wrong about him. Chelsea asks Abby how she can ignore the fact that so many people think he is dangerous in some way. Abby doesn't answer and tells Chelsea she is there for her, like always. Chelsea nods and says she knows. That is what best friends are for. They hug.

Max and Stephanie watch this scene and Stephanie reminds Max of what they discussed at the funerals yesterday. She asks Max what he knows about Forrest since he seems much more worried about Abby then she is. Max doesn't know if it's best to tell her, especially with Forrest/Fred watching. Stephanie tells him to just whisper it to her then. Max agrees, realizing that he could use some help with Chelsea being unable to help him. Max whispers in Stephanie's ear that the man with Abby is really none other then Forrest Alamain. Stephanie pulls away, stunned.

Nearby, Hope is with Steve and Kayla when she asks Bo if there is any hope of getting Chelsea out of this. Bo shakes his head, saying she will be transferred within the next 24 hours. The wheels are in motion now with the DA and Judge Fitzpatrick on board. Hope begins to break down and says this can't be happening...not to Chelsea. Bo comforts her and makes note of how hard Hope is taking this. Bo says that it's like she has grown to love Chelsea as her own daughter. This causes Hope's face to light up as she realizes that she needs to be careful not to let her secret out.

Steve and Kayla watch as Bo comforts Hope. Kim and Shane come over and comment on how horrible it is. Kim wishes they didn't have to leave now. Shane says she doesn't have to but Kim says she does. They are in this together. She takes his hand, lovingly. Steve and Kayla embrace and Kayla notices that Steve is taking all this rather hard. She reminds him he has been showing alot of concern for Chelsea and she knows he explained before but it's interesting and confusing. Steve says he just hates to see a young girl like that going through this. It reminds him so much of the things he went through in his past only this is something she has no way out of, really.

Kayla smiles and says she loves being married to such a kind, caring man like him. Steve turns shy and says he isn't this perfect husband she makes him out to be. Kayla tells him he is perfect to her. They kiss. Steve looks at Chelsea. Kayla tells Steve she has to go talk to mom and walks off. While alone, Steve continues to look at Chelsea and says he needs to find out if she is his...once and for all. He tells himself it's time to get the ball rolling.

The scene then shifts to Victor, who is on the phone down the hall. Maggie comes up behind him and asks if he is ok. Victor tells the person on the phone he will call them back. He then tells Maggie he will be fine when he destroys Stefano and all he stands for. Maggie tells Victor she knows he is angry and she did promise to stay out of his business dealings but she thinks he should wait to act on this. He is upset right now and it could all backfire. Victor says it won't. He needs to protect his family and he will not let what Stefano did to Chelsea stand.

Victor: The war has been sparked yet again. May the best man win.

Maggie looks on with worry as the scene freezes on a determined Victor and then fades to black.




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