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August 20, 2007



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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-At the Salem Police Station, Abe walks down the hallway to Chelsea's holding cell. When he gets to her cell, he yells out he has the info they need. Caroline, Bo, Hope, Belle, Julie, Alice, Abby, Stephanie, Forrest, Steve, Kayla, Frankie, Greta, Nico, and Victor are all there. Doug soon arrives, giving a cold look to a heartbroken Julie. Max also arrives and sees Forrest with Abby yet again. he comments on how they are attached at the hip and it seems Abby didn't heed his words. Stephanie approaches him and asks Max if he is ok. Max says he isn't and won't be until Abby is away from her "keeper." Abby thanks Forrest for coming with her. She really needs the support right now. Forrest tells her he is happy to oblige.

Bo says it looks like there is no way out for Chelsea and then asks Abe what he learned. Abe tells everyone that the psychiatric hospital that was appointed to Chelsea seems fine. They have a solid record and there is no shady business. Everyone is surprised. Bo wonders if they are being led down a wild goose chase to cover up the real hospital Chelsea is being sent to. Abe doubts it. Hope reminds Abe that Stefano could be involved. Abe realizes she is right. Just then, Victor yells to everyone he has an announcement. He just talked to some of his underground contacts. Stefano was behind the interference in Chelsea's case. He was going to push for a severe legal penalty but changes his mind for some reason. Everyone in the room is upset. Abe doesn't understand what was in it for Judge Fitzpatrick and the DA but Bo says it doesn't matter. They need to question them and Stefano. Abe says he will go call Stefano in for questioning.

Kim and Shane then arrive. They are holding hands and he whispers to her how he was having fun in bed and they could've spared another hour. Kim says they couldn't. Their plane leaves soon and they need to say goodbye to everyone. Caroline overhears and asks what she means by goodbye. Kim tells her mother to wait a second. She then yells out she has announcement to make-Shane and her are leaving Salem!!

-At Cal and Katherine's suite, Cal is on the couch and asks Katherine what is taking so long in the bathroom. Katherine yells out she needs a few more minutes. Cal says there will be a puddle on the floor in a few minutes if she don't get her ass out of there. The phone then rings. Cal gets up to answer it just as Katherine finally emerges. Katherine apologizes for being so long but then finds herself stopping dead as Cal looks at her in shock. Katherine asks what is wrong. Cal tells the person that Katherine will call him back and hangs up. Cal then asks Katherine when she was going to tell him about her job offer...in San Francisco!!

-At Roman and Marlena's, Roman is in the shower as Marlena thinks back to their night of lovemaking and smiles. She then looks at a picture of Sami and Eric and tears up. The phone then rings. Marlena looks at the caller ID and sees that it's Barbara's number. She opts not to pick it up and let's the machine get it. Marlena listens as Barbara leaves a message that says how they need to make an appointment as she must be treated. Her psyche is still fragile and she runs the risk of a relapse or worse if she doesn't take her meds or participate in therapy sessions. Barbara begs Marlena to call her before hanging up.

Roman emerges and asks who was on the phone. Marlena says it was junk and she ignored it. He tells her he really enjoyed last night. Marlena says she did as well. They both needed it. He finished getting dressed as Marlena asks where he is going. Roman tells her he has business to tend to. Marlena tells Roman they need to get down to the station as the family is going over there to help Chelsea. Roman says he can't right now. Marlena reminds Roman that their family and friends have been there for them and they need to return the favor. Roman tells Marlena to apologize for him but he can't. He kisses her goodbye, says he loves her, and leaves. Marlena yells for him and follows but then stops, asking herself why Roman is doing this.

-At Sami's apartment, Will opens the door to Maggie, who was knocking. Will thanks her for coming, telling her that Lucas came home drunk last night. Maggie says she had a feeling he would fall off the wagon. Will says he will leave them alone to talk. He goes to his room. Maggie approaches Lucas, who is laying on the couch covered in a blanket. Maggie pulls the blanket off Lucas's face and then off his body. She orders him to get up. Lucas shields his eyes and tells her to go away. Maggie grabs him by the neck and tells him she will go away when he gets his butt up and tells her what is wrong with him.

Lucas: I just can't deal with the pain. I see Sami all over...I can't stop thinking about her...seeing her die...

Maggie: I felt the same way after Mickey died. You know that. I fell off the wagon twice. This is not the answer, Lucas. You told everyone at the funerals yesterday that you knew Sami wouldn't want this. You have Will to think about. Doing this...isn't fair to him. You saw the mistakes I made this past year, Lucas. Don't do what I did. I got out of it but you may not be so lucky.

Lucas: I know. Your right. I'm just falling apart right now. I'm all over the place. There is a guard outside my door with Orpheus and all the big bad super villains running around and I am just a wreck over what I'm going to do now. The women I love is gone. I have a son to raise...what I am going to do?

Maggie: Get out of here. Go to work. Keep your mind off things. Go away with Will. Just don't sit around here because then you will be reminded of Sami constantly.

Lucas: Your right. I don't think Will and I could leave right now with Orpheus out there and all but going back to work is a good idea. Finances are a little tight and it would be good to get out and be productive.

Maggie: Exactly.

Lucas: I just don't feel like working with mom everyday right now.

Maggie: Just deal with it. She is your mother, afterall.

Lucas: Yeah. Your right.

Maggie then looks at her watch and says she has to be going. She is meeting Victor at the station so they can help with Chelsea. Lucas tells Maggie to wish Chelsea and everyone else luck. Maggie says she will and tells Lucas to call her and update her later. She also reminds him to call if he is tempted by a drink. She is his AA sponsor and it's her duty. Lucas says he will and thanks her. They embrace as Maggie says goodbye and leaves.

Meanwhile, at the Java Cafe, Kate is drinking a coffee, waiting for her secretary, Joelle, to meet her. Joelle arrives but waits outside. She is watching Kate and her cell rings. She answers and tells the person on the other end she has it all under control and, with any luck, things will be better soon. Joelle tells the person she knows desperate times call for desperate measures. Joelle hangs up and goes in to meet with Kate. Kate thanks her for coming and asks of she brought the papers. Joelle nods and asks if Kate is sure. Kate nods, reminding Joelle that she had told her to do this awhile ago.

Joelle tells Kate she is happy she is doing it now. Kate wishes she had done it while Austin was around but what's done is done. She will just have to hand it over to Lucas. Joelle pulls out the papers. Kate reads them and signs them. Kate asks Joelle if she is sure this is all she has to do to make it official. Joelle says it is. Kate gives her the papers and tells Joelle to call Lucas and to tell him he is now the CEO and principal owner of Roberts INC, formerly known as Roberts and Sons. Joelle agrees and tells Kate it was a pleasure working with her. Kate agrees. Joelle leaves while Kate tells herself she made the right decision and that it's time to make amends. Meanwhile, Joelle looks at the signed papers and smiles:

Joelle: Hopefully, it won't be long now.

The scene then shifts back to Lucas, who has just come out of the shower to find the phone ringing. He answers it. It's Joelle, who tells him that he is the new CEO and principal owner of Roberts INC. Lucas is shocked and asks about his mother. Joelle says she gave it all to him and asks if he will be starting ASAP. Lucas tells Joelle he will get back to her. He then hangs up, shocked and bewildered by what he just heard.

-Back at Cal and Katherine's suite, Cal tells Katherine that was Mr. Lewis, from the University Hospital board. They wanted to know if she had made a decision yet because they need to find a replacement for her. Katherine tells Cal she is sorry. She was going to tell him but he was so upset about everything with his family and his past. Cal tells her there are no excuses. They promised the day they were married to be honest with one another and she already broke that promise. Plus, this involves a big decision and that also goes into the fact that he should've been told as marriage is a partnership.

Katherine apologizes again but Cal won't hear it. He tells her he can't take this anymore. He won't be treated like crap by everyone. He then looks at Katherine and tells her that maybe she was right...she wasn't ready to get married and has no idea what a marriage really is. He then turns, opens the door, and leaves. A devastated Katherine goes after him but he has already went down the elevator. She breaks down in tears, regretting what she has done and praying that Cal comes back and doesn't do something stupid.

-Back at the station, Kim has filled everyone in on Shane's ISA issues and how they reunited last night and are going off together. Alice smiles and says she always knew they were meant to be. Shane and Kim both thank her. Caroline is upset it has to happen so fast but insists they let her throw a quick goodbye party at the Pub. Kim insists that won't be necessary but Caroline thinks otherwise. Kim and Shane reluctantly agree to a goodbye party. Kim then apologizes to Chelsea for making the announcement with everything going om with her. Chelsea smiles and says it's fine and that she will miss them both too.

Just then, Stefano enters the room, saying he was called to come down by Abe and told that he was near Chelsea's holding cell. The room is now silent and everyone is staring at a smiling Stefano, all except Victor, who calls Stefano a sadistic bastard and lunges for him just as Maggie comes in. Victor takes Stefano by the collar and shoves him into the wall, telling him he has messed with him and his family for the last time.

The scene then freezes on Victor holding Stefano against the wall with his collar as a horrified Maggie looks on and the scene then fades to black.




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