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Episode #79 - Thursday March 30th:



Episode #79 - Thursday March 30th:

- The future leaks bleak for the Carvers as Abe throws all of Lexie's things out...right after he does the same to her!

- Phillip manages to break into Jan's parent's house, looking for clues.

- Bonnie recalls her plan to make Maggie think she's drinking.

- Celeste goes to the cemetary. She is shocked to see that the Grim Reaper is there, in the form of a homeless man.

- Jennifer tells Jack that she doesn't want to see him until he's ready to tell her the secret.

- Kate learns that she is the main suspect for the murder of Tony.

- Bonnie taunts Kate. Kate slaps Bonnie.

- Celeste faces the Grim Reaper in the Salem cemetary.

- The Grim Reaper asks Celeste how far she is willing to go to save the life of someone in Salem.

- Roman, Abe, and Jack are sent a mysterious package from Tony's killer.

- Mickey tells Maggie that he doesn't believe that she hasn't been drinking again. He says the evidence is too overwhelming. Maggie realizes that she doesn't even know if she's been drinking...since she blacked out.

- Lexie and Jen walk into Abe's office as Abe, Jack, and Roman open the mysterious package.

- While alone, Carrie clutches her stomach in pain.

- Phillip thinks he's found paydirt on Jan.

- Kate and Bonnie get into a catfight on the roof of Shawn's building and teeter very close to the edge.

- Thinking she's lost Mickey forever, Maggie gets drunk and gets behind the wheel of a car.

NEXT ON DAYS: A tragic accident will mean the end of someone's time in Salem....


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