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Episode #78 - Wednesday March 29th:



Episode #78 - Wednesday March 29th:

- Jan continutes to work herself into the Horton foundation.

- Sami realizes Carrie has a secret she's keeping from Austin.

- Roman and Abe and Jack decide to target Kate in the murder of Tony.

- Bonnie relishes in the fact that her plans for both Maggie and Kate have worked.

- Abby, Max, and Cassie arrive in NYC and meet up with Lucas, Austin, Carrie, and Sami.

- The feelings between Max and Abby intensify.

- Maggie, Jack, and Lexie move in together.

- Phillip is sure that Jan is still up to no good.

- Roman, Abe, and Jack decide to set a trap for the killer.

- Caroline continues to remain vigil at Shawn Sr.'s side.

- Celeste sets out to try and stop the Grim Reaper from killing someone in Salem.

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