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Episode #77 - Tuesday, March 28th:



Episode #77 - Tuesday, March 28th:

- Abby gets permission from Abe and Roman to leave town.

- Celeste fears that someone's life will end by dusk.

- Roman and Abe don't rule out Abby from their list of suspects but give her permission to leave town.

- Kate tries to use her feminine wiles and her past relationship with Roman to deflect attention from her as a murder suspect.

- Carrie, Austin, Sami, and Lucas hire a private investigator to help them with their plight to find Will.

- Jack, Maggie, and Lexie grow further and further from Jennifer, Mickey, and Abe, who continue to shut them out of each other's lives.

- Neither Belle, Shawn, nor Phillip can believe their eyes when they see Jan volunteering with Alice!

- Bonnie pays one of her bartenders to lie to Abe and tells him that he saw Kate the on New Year's Eve after midnight and she was rattled and jumpy.

- Maggie, Jack, and Lexie decide to stop paying the Salem Inn, pool their funds, and get an apartment together.

- Abe and Roman decide to target Kate when they compare notes on the bartender's statement and how manipulative she was trying to be - which Roman saw right through.

- Belle is disgusted and heartbroken when Alice tells her how much she has been bonding with Jan.

- Maggie, Jack, and Lexie go apartment hunting.

- Roman tells Abe that he always thought Kate had a weird connection to the Dimeras that he could never place his finger on.

- Alice names Jan volunteer co-ordinator of the Horton Foundation.

- Abby, Max, and Cassie board a plane that is NYC-bound. Abby continues to give Max the cold shoulder, while Cassie puts on a show for Abby.

- Celeste gets a vision that the Grim Reaper has just arrived in Salem and will not be leaving until it claims a life.


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