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Episode #76 - Monday, March 27th:



Episode #76 - Monday, March 27th:

- Belle moves into her parents' loft.

- Shawn and Jan grow closer than ever.

- Phillip plots to prove Shawn and Jan unfit and take Claire from them.

- Shawn and Jan bond with baby Trey and baby Claire.

- Austin, Carrie, Sami, Lucas, and Anna arrive in New York City, looking for Will.

- Abby is bothered when she hears of Will's running away and tells her mother that she wants to help look for her younger cousin.

- Austin and Sami wonder what Carrie is hiding.

- Anna encourages Carrie to tell Austin that she's pregnant.

- Caroline informs Cassie and Max about Will running away.

- Jennifer and Abby arrive at the Pub and tell Caroline, Max, and Cassie that they are going to join Austin and Lucas in looking for Will since he is family, and since it will give them a chance to get away from all of the drama with Jack.

- Max decides that he should help Abby. Secretly, he wants to protect her in case whoever tried to shoot her at the Valentine's Day dance tries to do it again. But he genuinely wants to find his neice's (Sami) son.

- Cassie also invites herself saying that Sami is her half-sister and Lucas is her half-brother, and she, too, deserves to help look!

- Jennifer backs out of the hunt, asking Max to protect Abby. Max agrees. Cassie's jealousy is sparked.

- Phillip believes he's found a way to prove Shawn and Jan unfit.

- Celeste predicts that someone in Salem will die by day's end!


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