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August 2, 2007



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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-Will walks into the hallway at Salem University Hospital and goes towards Marlena’s room. Right before he places his hand on the doorknob, Caroline and Belle see him from across the hall and call out to him. Will turns and spots them and then tentatively walks over to them. He tells both of them that Lucas has just about given up. He hardly talks to him, he doesn’t eat, and feels that without Sami life just isn’t worth living for him anymore.

Caroline steps up slowly and hugs Will, looking at him in the eyes and telling him that Lucas will be fine. He just has to once again find the reason to go on and she feels that reason is him. Belle agrees, saying that her mother went through the very same thing almost twenty five years ago with her father and she found the will to go on, even though she thought she had lost the love of her life.

Will agrees with them both but that is the reason why he came to see Marlena. He knows about what happened when Roman disappeared and wanted to find out from her how she dealt with it and finally moved on. Caroline and Belle look at each other and then Caroline speaks, saying that she doesn’t feel that it is a good time to ask her such questions. Will shakes his head and Belle suggests that he speak with Marlena’s doctor. Will agrees with this.

As the three of them start to walk off and find Barbara, a nurse comes running from Marlena’s room and past the small group. She runs to the security station and hits the alarm and, when the group goes up to the nurse, she tells them that Marlena is gone. The nurse runs up to a security guard and fills him in as Caroline, Belle, and Will look on in disbelief.

-Maggie walks up to Lucas' apartment and starts knocking on the door. She calls out to Lucas and gets no response. She then starts knocking harder and starts demanding that Lucas answer the door. She quiets down for a few seconds and then hears a slam inside the apartment. Inside, Lucas walks slowly to the door, looking disheveled. He hasn’t slept since Sami’s death and seems to be holding a wine bottle in his hand.

Lucas tells Maggie to go away. Maggie refuses, saying that he needs the support of his family. Lucas tells her that the only person who mattered to him is gone, therefore he has no other family. Maggie is silent, pained by how far Lucas has fallen. She says to Lucas, in a loving tone, that she is there for him when he needs her. Lucas responds, saying that all that matters is that he is left alone....

With his Sami. Lucas looks straight ahead and sees, in a drunken haze, a beautiful vision of Sami, smiling at him, and surrounded by bright light. All he can keep repeating is....

Lucas: My Sami. My precious Sami.

Maggie places her hand on the door and then turns. She starts to cry as she walks away, leaving a destroyed Lucas all by himself.......with his vision of Sami.

-At the pier, Bo walks down the steps and looks out into the river. After a few moments, he gets a phone call from a very important man, telling him......

Man: He’s on the pier right now.

Bo: Good, good. Excellent work, as usual.

Man: Yeah, well, didn’t have much to do. Just sitting at home watching Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Bo: Man, you love that show.

Man: Sure do. So.......what are you going to say to him?

Bo: I don’t know. Maybe him and I can get past all of this, you know?

Man: I think so. Stop being so damn hard headed and except that people make mistakes.

Bo: I know. (Looking to his left) He’s coming. Once again, thanks for the help, my friend. I’ll be in touch.

Man: Solid. Later on.

Bo hangs up and is joined by Hope and Shane. Bo remarks how Shane always seems to be around but not enough to keep his people safe. Shane says nothing and Hope scolds Bo for his words. All she wants to know is.......can he forgive his brother and Kim for keeping the secret about his past from him. Bo tells her that he doesn’t know but is willing to try. Shane says that is a good start, to which Bo agrees with him. Bo hopes Shane can understand where his remarks came from and Shane says he does. He would feel the same way if the situation was reversed. Shane walks over to Bo and both men shake hands, promising to try and put the past behind them.

At that moment, a depressed and disheveled Roman walks from out of the shadows. All three people look at him in shock, surprised at how far Roman has fallen. Bo walks over to his brother and looks at him, telling him....

Bo: Man, what is going on? You alright?

Roman: What do you think? How happy go lucky were you after Zack died?

Bo: About the same as you.

Roman: Well, then. You’ve answered your own question.

Bo: Look. All I want to do is put everything behind us and move on from here. You need your family, Roman.

Roman: What family? (Leaning into Bo) You know........you have been right, all this time.

Bo: About what?

Hope and Shane look on in sadness at this once proud man and don’t even realize that another person is also watching what is taking place.......

Roman: You have told me for years that the law won’t stop people like Orpheus and Stefano because they don’t follow the rules. Eric and Sami were kidnapped by Stefano when they were born........and I didn’t listen. I had my face changed and my memory wiped clean........still didn’t listen. Orpheus blew up my house, Stefano held Marlena for all those years, I was framed for murder, and then.......I had my life stolen from me for 16 years.........and, I still didn’t listen.

Bo sadly looks at this broken man as Roman continues........

Roman: Well, I think I’ll listen now. My two babies.........(Starts to cry)........are dead. Gone. And I got them killed. If I just would have aimed for his head instead of his chest, Orpheus would be out of our lives and we would be safe.

Woman: So, you now feel that killing people will stop all of this pain?

Everyone turns and looks, only to see Marlena walk out of the fog and shadows and towards Roman, saying to him........

Marlena: You can’t become that man. You can’t become so cold and callous that you don’t give a damn about life. Even for someone as evil as Orpheus.

She walks right up to him and all Roman can do is look at her with sadness and shame. He tries to turn away but Marlena grabs his arm. He can’t even face her as tears run down his cheeks but Marlena, wiping tears from her face and showing that trademark strength, tells Roman......

Marlena: You are a much better man than they are. The Stefanos, Orpheuses and Victors of this world don’t hold a candle to you. Your compassion for people and belief in the law is why I fell in love with you all those years ago and it’s why I stand by your side now, even as you try and push me away.

Roman still doesn’t look at her but does respond, saying......

Roman: Victor is right, as far as I’m concerned. And eye for an eye. I have never doubted your love for me but it won’t stop me from doing what I have to do.

The group look at each other as Bo steps forward and stands by Marlena as Roman finally turns and faces them all, saying.......

Roman: No more doing the good deed. To hell with that. And.......to hell with the law. Me following the law has gotten too many people hurt.......and killed. And, I promise you.....

Roman stands upright and gets the look of the devil himself in his eyes.......

Roman: I will NEVER, EVER.........make that mistake again.

Marlena looks at Roman and grabs his shirt, saying.....

Marlena: If you feel that way, then you truly are lost. Don’t do this. Please. I’m begging you, my love. Don’t become what you hate.

Roman: I DON’T HAVE A CHOICE!!!!!!

Roman scares Marlena and Bo, Hope, and Shane look on in shock........

Roman: Just stay away from me, ok? I don’t want any of you involved. These [!@#$%^&*] bastards want a war, so.......

That’s EXACTLY what I’ll give them!!!!

Roman walks away and into the night as Marlena starts after him. Bo stops her, saying.....

Bo: Don’t worry. I have a trusted friend on this. He’ll be safe.

Marlena turns and looks at Bo, saying.........

Marlena: I pray that someone can save Roman from himself........before he destroys everything.

Marlena hugs Bo as Hope walks over and places her hand on Bo’s shoulder. They look at each other as Shane makes a private phone call, as the scene pans up............

And slowly fades to black.




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Great episode, its well written. I like how you are going into Lucas' past. Liked Maggie getting involved, she should. I am curious as to who Bo was talking too, was it a Ewing brother?

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Great episode, its well written. I like how you are going into Lucas' past. Liked Maggie getting involved, she should. I am curious as to who Bo was talking too, was it a Ewing brother?

Great to see you commenting, Tishy. :)

Things have been dead lately so I was pleasantly surprised to

see a comment.

This episode was written by Roman and I thought he did a superb job

with expressing Roman's anguish and feelings. This whole episode really

tapped well into character's emotions. Glad you liked it. Hope others did too.

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