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Episode #66 - Monday, March 13:



Episode #66 - Monday, March 13:

- Mickey adds up the clues and believes that Maggie has been drinking again.

- Kate and Bonnie run into each other at the police station where Abe has gathered them to interrogate each of them on Tony's murder. They discuss how they teamed up to keep Shawn and Belle from finding out about Claire's paternity. They each say their child hates them now and isn't talking to them.

- Shawn and Phillip both rush to Belle's side after she faints. They speculate as to why she fainted as Jan stands with the baby in her arms.

- Tek and Lexie run into each other at Salem Place. She tells him to stay away from her. She says that she'll never forgive him for sleeping with her mother. Tek says it was a mistake and that he was just drunk and it was a mistake. Lexie doesn't care. She says that she thought his feelings for her were real. Tek declares that they were. He grabs Lexie, pulls her into an alleyway of Salem Place, and kisses her.

- Carrie continues to try and get Austin to listen to her. She says if he doesn't give her one chance, then she's through trying. He tells her to get out of his life. Sami is still shocked that Nicole vouched for her and said Carrie was responsible for blackmailing her into leaving town.

- Mickey tells Maggie how disappointed he is in her.

- Unfortunately for Lexie, someone is watching her and Tek kiss in the alley.

- Abe interrogates Kate, and her mysteriousness and ambiguity in answering questions makes him even more suspicous of her. Kate finally reveals that she has no alibi.

- Belle awakens and is shocked when they ask her why she fainted. She tells them that she fainted because Jan claims to have Shawn's baby! Phillip and Shawn are shocked since neither one of them really added up what was going on.

- Austin tells Sami that Nicole is petrified of Salem and Carrie. He says he tried in vain to get her to return with him, but she wouldn't. Austin tells Sami that Nicole will most likely never return to Salem and that Nicole wouldn't tell him what Carrie had on her. They're interupted by a call from Will's favorite teacher. The teacher tells Sami that she needs to come in for a conference.

- Maggie cannot believe what she's done. She concludes that she must have started drinking and then blacked it all out. She blames the incident at the Penthouse Grill when she accidentally took a sip of vodka, thinking it was her water. She begs Mickey for his forgiveness and his support, saying she can beat this addiction once again.

- Bonnie uses humor to evade Abe's questions. But once Abe counters her dodginess, she also confesses that she has no alibi.

- Shawn says this can't be. He says that he and Jan were safe every time. Jan reveals that the baby is indeed his. She looks to the doctor again to provide DNA tests that compare the baby's DNA to Shawn's. Shawn is floored. Jan hands him the baby and introduces him as Trey...otherwise known as Shawn Brady III.

- Someone takes a picture of Lexie and Tek kissing on his/her camera phone. The person turns....it's CASSIE!

- Sami and Lucas meet with Will's teacher who tells them both that she is concerned about Will because he has recently fallen into a very bad crowd. She says the crowd is heavily involved in drinking and marijuana and there are even rumors around the school and among the faculty about sexual activity among the students he is socializing with. Sami and Lucas are shocked!

- Mickey tells Maggie that he feels betrayed. He compares her relationship with alcohol to her being unfaithful, since their love wasn't enough to keep her from straying.

- Abe is sure that either Kate or Bonnie has murdered Tony and begins to remove Abby as a suspect in his mind. He wonders if Kate's only motive to kill Tony was the fact that he killed Georgia/Chelsea in the blast. Meanwhile, Kate recalls standing over Tony's bed and making a reference to the infamous kippers that Stefano left her in his will four years ago when he "died."

- Mickey is devastated, but he tells Maggie that he must ask her for a separation.

- Sami and Lucas find Will outside of the school, smoking cigarettes. Sami embarrasses Will in front of his friends by putting the cigarette out, screaming at him, grabbing him, and pulling him away from them and into Lucas' car. Once they get home, they search Will's room and are even further shocked to find alcohol and marijuana.

- Jan explains that she was pregnant at the time Mimi put her in her coma and that she gave birth while she was in a coma, so her waking up and being a mother was just as much a shock to her when the doctors told her the news, as it is to him right now. Jan tells Shawn that she truly is a good person and that he saw that in her all of those years ago. She blames all of evilness on the brain tumor and asks Shawn to give her another chance to prove herself as a good person. The doctor vouches for all of this. He says that he used to be good friends with Dr. Tom Horton, and he'd never lie to Shawn about this. A tear rolls down Shawn's cheek as he bonds with his son, Trey.


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