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Episode #65: Friday, March 10:



Episode #65: Friday, March 10:

- Belle, Shawn, and Phillip cannot believe that Jan cannot stand trial for what she has done to Shawn and Victor.

- Mickey is shocked and appaulled to see that Maggie is passed out on the couch, wreaking of vodka.

- Abby runs into Max and demands an explanation for his actions.

- Kate and Victor continue their celebration of taking over Basic Black. And it leads to a passionate kiss.

- Jan asks Shawn for forgiveness saying that she knows she really was out of control and insane, but she has changed now - she swears up and down.

- Mickey carries Maggie to the shower and runs the water on her. She awakens.

- Max tells Abby that he felt like things were getting very serious between them and its not what he wants right now. He also explains that considering Chelsea was her best friend and his girlfriend that things are still very awkward. He explains that things with Cassie are no strings attached and that is how he likes it. Cassie overhears and is hurt. Max secretly recalls how he thinks Abby's shooting is connected to his past.

- Victor and Kate begin to have sex when Abe's call goes to her office answering machine and he says he wants to meet her to question her about Tony's murder. Kate immediately backs off Victor.

- Jan says that she'll do anything to prove it to him and Belle that she's changed.

- Mickey demands an explanation from Maggie. Maggie asks him what he means, and he explains how he found her.

- Bonnie sneaks back into the house while Maggie and Mickey are upstairs to put the final nail in Maggie's coffin.

- When Max leaves Abby, Cassie confronts Abby and tells her to back off Max. Abby tells her that she believes Max has stronger feelings for her than he does Cassie. Cassie turns the tables on Abby and asks her about her whereabouts the night Tony was killed. Cassie, still playing along with Stefano's plan to pass her off as a Brady, tells Abby that Tony once raised her and she says that will stop at nothing to find out who killed him. Abby panics.

- Victor asks Kate why she is so rattled about Abe's message. Victor asks her if she murdered Tony. Kate tells Victor that she needs to be alone.

- Shawn says if Jan turns around, walks out, and leaves them alone forever, then she'll have proved herself and they'll forgive her.

- Bonnie exits the Horton's, but she is grabbed by the wrist by a neighborhood security watchguard. She talks her way out of it. His grab reminds her of standing over Tony's bed, wishing him death for killing Patrick, and him waking up and grabbing her wrist.

- Maggie explains to Mickey that she accidentally drank out of a glass of vodka at the Penthouse Grille. She says that she came home and the last thing she remembers was drinking her glass of water. Mickey goes down to the living room and smells her glass of water. Unbeknownst to Maggie and Mickey, Bonnie has replaced the water with vodka while they were upstairs.

- Victor recalls all of Kate's close calls with being a murder suspect - Curtis Reed, Franco, Sami's execution, the Salem Serial Killings, and the hit she had put out on him! He prays she hasn't done anything foolish to mess up her future...their future...by killing Tony.

- Jan tells Shawn that she would leave him behind if she could, but she tells him that she has something to show him....Jan walks out to the hallway and walks back into the loft...with a BABY! Jan introduces the baby as Shawn Brady the Third. Shawn is in shock. Belle faints.


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Wow! Lots of great stuff. Jan and baby was PERFECT! Loved the Cassie/Abby confrontation and all the stuff dealing with Tony's murder suspects. The Maggie stuff is just great. So glad I'm not the only one giving her a storyline. Very intrigued about Max's past!

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Jan with the baby reminds me of Psycho Julia on ATWT. Before Carly and Jack married, she re-emerged...then showed up at their wedding with "Jack Jr.", which turned out to be a baby she had stolen from a hospital in, like Canada, or somewhere.....

Good stuff!

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