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Episode #64 - Thursday, March 9th:



Episode #64 - Thursday, March 9th:

- Stefano is shocked to see that his goon has knocked Jennifer unconscious.

- Maggie returns home and is in tears when she realizes that alcohol

has touched her lips for the first time in over twenty years.

- Stefano blackmails Celeste into talking to her old friend, Caroline,

about possibly pulling the plug on Shawn Sr.

- Belle, Phillip, and Shawn are shocked when Jan presents them with

mysterious papers.

- Stefano calls Jack and tells him that his wife is at the mansion and

to deal with her. Jack returns to the mansion and takes Jennifer back

to the house.

- Celeste discusses it with Caroline, but Celeste can see the deep

love for Shawn Sr. so she backs away from Stefano's request.

- Bonnie breaks into Maggie and Mickey's and puts drugs Maggie's water.

- Shawn, Belle, and Phillip read on and are shocked when there is MRI

and Cat Scan results from her doctor. Shawn reads a diagnosis from

Jan's doctor. It explains how Jan was suffering from a tumor which

caused her to have temporary insanity.

- Celeste senses that someone in town is pregnant.

- Jack must lie to Jennifer and tell her that her going to the Dimera

Mansion all must have been one, big dream.

- Maggie drinks her drugged water and passes out a few moments later.

- Belle and Shawn tell Jan that if she thinks this is going to hold up

in court and get her out of Victor's murder charges of Shawn's

kidnapping charges then she should think again. Jan then reveals her

doctor who is waiting in the hallway. He explains everything and says

that Jan cannot be held responsible for her actions the year and half

before she slipped into her coma. He explains that they found the

tumor when she came into the hospital as a coma patient.

- Bonnie pours vodka all over Maggie's clothes while she sleeps and

trashes the room. She takes Maggie's keys and starts her car and parks

it half on the driveway, half on the lawn and leaves the car door


- Jack arranges for Jennifer's car to be brought back from the Dimera Mansion.

- Belle and Shawn recognize Jan's doctor from the hospital. They

realize how credible he really is.

- Jennifer is more sure now than ever that Jack is keeping something from her.

- Stefano leaves strict orders for Celeste, Jack, Cassie, and Tek to

carry out separately and decides to retreat to the Maine estate for a

few weeks to deal with John and Marlena's imprisonment.

- Mickey arrives at his house and is baffled to see Maggie's car

parked so hastily. Mickey runs into the house and is shocked by what he sees.

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im loving this fanfic right now. i hopw ABBY is not the killer. i can't wait to see the secrets of max and celeste. im thinking that you will be bringin in Gwen from passions, hope im right

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