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Episode #314 - Wednesday, February 21, 2007:

  • Eric and Nicole bond.
  • Frankie and Greta grow closer than ever as they recall their love story.
  • Connor manages to get Abby to realize Max may not be the man for her.
  • Belle, Shawn, and company call in a favor from Victor who manages to track down Willow in Philly.
  • Billie attends the hospital on the outside of town in order for her checkup.
  • Greta is taken aback when she sees Eric with Nicole. Frankie realizes Greta is jealous of Nicole!
  • Abby sees Max and Cassie kissing.
  • Kate visits Megan in prison. She and Megan meet with a lawyer and vow to make sure Megan is realized.
  • One of Victor’s goons stalks Willow and follows her every move. He is in constant contact with Victor.
  • Peter and Sami bond in prison as they recall the blast from the hospital. Sami prays her family and friends are all right.
  • Connor comforts Abby, but he finally gets her to see she is not meant to be with Max if he refuses to listen to her.
  • Kate and Megan bond. Megan says she wishes her hold life she had a mother. Kate recalls how she always longed for her two first born children.
  • Victor’s goon tells him where Willow and Claire are hiding away.
  • Jack visits Jen’s grave and breaks down at it. He has closure…as much closure as he is going to get. He has a dream of Jen telling him to be with Billie.
  • Kristen arrives in prison and announces to Peter that the lawyer has managed to get him released from prison!
  • Kate and Megan’s bonding is halted when Megan explains her deep hatred of Billie. Kate tells Megan she better learn to love Billie and fast or she better kiss Kate goodbye! Megan tells Kate to get out of her sight then because she is never going to be sisters with that whore, Billie!
  • Billie is told her cancer is back! Billie breaks down in the doctor’s office and realizes she is all alone. She turns to leave the doctor’s office and sees Jack! The doctor explains she called the person on Billie’s contact list because she knew Billie would need someone. Billie collapses in Jack’s arms.
  • Kate flies out to Philly to be with her son, Philip…and her granddaughter - Jan!
  • Peter and Sami prepare to say goodbye and realize they’ve bonded during his time in prison. Peter confesses that he knows she did not kill Alan because he overheard Will when he came to visit her last week! Sami asks Peter what he is going to do with the information. Peter says he is going to help her prove her innocence…and Will’s!
  • Victor announces on speaker phone where Willow’s hideout is, and Phillip, Belle, Jan, Shawn, and Jeremy all vow to get Claire back no matter what the cost!


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Poor Billie. :(

Interesting between Kate and Megan.....

Like the whole chasing Willow thing. It has been itneresting and fun to read. But, just curious since I am kind of fuzzy on all of this:

Why is Jan helping Shawn and Belle?

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Jan and Willow are enemies. Jan got baby Trey from Willow, and Willow has been trying to blackmail her for more money. When that failed, Willow kidnapped the babies. And although Jan realizes she'd be an awful mother, she realizes Trey is better off with Shawn and Belle than Willow. The story will take an interesting twist this week....

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