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Episode #312 - Tuesday, February 20, 2007:

  • Vivian tries unsuccessfully to lure Nicole into her plans against Kate and Victor.
  • Kate is kidnapped and rushed into a dark corner of Salem Place.
  • Willow places a call to the Salem P.D. and tells them she will return the two babies to Detective Brady’s son, Shawn, to the tune of $5 million dollars. She says between The Horton’s, the Kiriakis’, the Brady’s, and the Spear’s, they better be able to scrounge up the money, or they’ll never see the baby again.
  • Bo calls Shawn and Belle and tells them about the ransom request. They realize they will never be able to pay the ransom.
  • Willow decides to go incognito in case Shawn and Belle are lurking around Philly.
  • John tries to comfort Marlena over the death of her friend, Rae. Marlena pushes John away telling him she cannot forgive him for his lies.
  • Hope and Bo put off their reunion to investigate the Fury.
  • Kayla sits by Steve’s side at a hospital on the outside of town while he sits in his coma.
  • Georgia’s addiction to her pills intensifies.
  • Cassie and Jeremy recall their night of hot lovemaking, which, unknown to Jeremy, resulted in her being pregnant with
  • John and Greta bond…and Marlena is disturbed because is it a reminder of him keeping the truth from her.
  • Stefano reveals himself to Kate. She slaps Stefano and lashes out at him for keeping the identity of his daughter a lie! She screams and says she KNOWS he knew Megan was alive!
  • Phillip thinks he sees Willow in disguise. He begins chasing her through the streets of Philly.
  • Nicole tells Vivian she does not plan on being mean or manipulative while in Salem this time around.
  • Abby catches Connor up on her life, including the drama of Max and Cassie.
  • Stefano and Kate partake in a heated debate. Kate demands he tell her the identity of her other twin daughter. She knows she is alive, and she knows Stefano knows!
  • Shawn, Phillip, Rex, Max, Jeremy, Jan, Cassie, Mimi, and Belle manage to trap Willow in an alley in Philly. Willow is done for!
  • Alice makes a public statement on the hospital explosion and says Salem must pull together as a community to stop the Fury and rebuild the hospital. The Fury throws something at the screen, breaking the TV right where Alice’s face is.
  • Connor convinces Abby Max is not the man for her if he refuses to believe Abby over Cassie.
  • Nicole and Eric come face to face! Nicole confesses she still cares very deeply for Eric.
  • Sarah gets dangerously close to the Fury who plans on bludgeoning her to death.
  • Willow puts baby Trey in the stroller and throws it towards the gang! They fear for his safety and rush save him. They succeed. When they get their bearings, they realize Willow has made off with Claire!
  • Frankie and Greta unknowingly save Sarah’s life.
  • Willow decides to up the ante with Belle, Shawn and company. She calls Phillip and demands the $5 million by night’s end or she will sell Claire to the black market, and they’ll never see her again!
  • Belle, Shawn, Jan, Jeremy, and Phillip vow to find Willow and kill her for what she has done.


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