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Episode #314 - Thursday, February 22nd, 2007:

  • Shawn, Belle, Philip, Jan, and Jeremy swear to make Willow pay.
  • Rex learns Cassie’s secret - Max was not the father of her baby - Jeremy was!
  • Kristen is jealous when she sees Eric and Nicole bonding.
  • Eric tells Nicole they can never be together.
  • Megan is released on bail, and she walks right into Stefano!
  • Jan and Belle have an odd moment of bonding when Jan confides in Belle how much she hates Jan and how she’ll do whatever it takes to make sure Willow pays for almost hurting Trey and kidnapping Claire!
  • Shawn, Belle, Philip, Jan, Mimi, Rex, Max, and Jeremy trap Willow!
  • Rex tells his sister, Cassie, to come clean about her secret now!
  • Connor takes Abby to his favorite place in a suburb of Philly where she is able to see all the city lights, but far enough way to be silent.
  • Eric tries to get Nicole to see they’ll never be together. She does not see it, but little does she know his mind is being occupied by Kristen and Greta, and there is little room for her!
  • Stefano reveals to Megan he was the one who bailed her out of prison. He screams at her for being such a fool and allowing Hope to get away.
  • Willow escapes to the roof where Shawn, Belle, Philip, and Jeremy stalk her. Kate, meanwhile, has pulled Jan away from the group who is in hot pursuit of Willow.
  • Connor and Abby share a tender kiss.
  • Kate confesses to Jan that her mother is her daughter, which makes Jan her granddaughter! Jan says there must be some mistake, but Kate says it’s been proven…Jan is her granddaughter, and she’s also a Dimera!
  • Willow manages to make it across to the next building’s roof by making a little bridge of wood. She then removes the piece of wood so no one follow her. From a roof away, she lashes out at the gang telling them they should have paid her the ransom so she’d be out their hair, but now she is going to escape with Claire, and they’ll never see her again! Belle screams in agony.
  • Stefano berates Megan and disowns her for being such an idiot and allowing their plan to go to hell!
  • Belle screams in agony as it seems Willow is going to escape with baby Claire. Philip, Shawn, Belle, Rex, Max, Mimi, and Jeremy are stuck on the next roof away. Suddenly, Jan appears from behind Willow. In slow motion, she manages to grab Claire from Willow but sends Willow off the side of the building. Willow screams in agony as she careens all the way to the bottom of the alleyway…Jan stands and holds baby Claire on top of the building, as everyone looks on in shock and horror. Jan stares at them and stares down…at a dead Willow. Jan looks at them with no regret or fear in her eyes.

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