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Hope Bauer: Character Profile




Hope Bauer


Actress History:

- Seven actresses have portrayed the role including soap vet Robin Mattson.

- Julia Barr joined the SONBC blog, "THE GUIDING LIGHT" in February 2007.


- Hope was born onscreen September 20, 1963 but was deaged over the years.

- Hope's official birthday is September 20, 1950.


- Current Occupation has not been disclosed.

- Interior Decorator

- Former waitress at the nightclub, "The Metro."

Resides At:

- Washington D.C. townhouse with her father Mike Bauer

- In 1997 it was revealed she was living in England. In 2000 she moved back to the states.

Marital Status:

- Currently Unknown

Past Marriages:

- Alan Spaulding (Married: February 1980)


- Mike Bauer (Father - Resides in Washington D.C.)

- Julie Conrad Bauer (Mother - Deceased)

- Bill Bauer (Paternal Grandfather - Deceased)

- Bert Bauer (Paternal Grandmother - Deceased)

- Friedirch "Papa" Bauer (Paternal Great-Grandfather - Deceased)

- Meta Bauer Banning (Great-Aunt)

- Ed Bauer (Uncle - Resides in Springfield)

- Hillary Bauer (Aunt - Deceased)

- Rick Bauer (Cousin - Resides in Springfield)

- Michelle Bauer Santos (Cousin - Resides in Springfield)

- Lucy Cooper Spaulding (Daughter-in-Law - Resides in Springfield)


- Alan-Michael Spaulding (with Alan)

- Additional Children Unknown

Flings & Affairs:

- Alex McDaniels (dated)

- Chad Richards (dated)

- Ben McFarren (engaged)

- Gordon Middleton (lovers)

- Alan Spaulding (affair)

- Warren Andrews (dated)

Crimes Committed:

- None

Character History:

Courtesy of soapcentral.com

- Hope Bauer spent her childhood with a loving family who cherished and supported her. The child of Mike and Julie Conrad Bauer. Following Hope's birth, Julie resumed her job as secretary to attorney George Hayes, while Mike worked slavishly to complete the law education which George had generously financed. Mike drove himself so hard that he became seriously ill with a viral infection. Instead of being sympathetic, Julie worried that Mike's illness would postpone the degree that would ensure her the privileged life of a lawyer's spouse. Meanwhile, Mike's mother, Bert, helped out by taking care of Hope, but she became so obsessed with the child that when Mike's father, Bill, finally returned from his business trip, she barely paid any attention to him. Hope had become Bert's entire world. Meanwhile, Julie would become disillusioned in her marriage to a man who married her simply because he got her pregnant and left the family, only to discover she was pregnant again! Trapped and becoming inhinged, Julie became so distraught that she had a miscarriage and tried to jump off the ledge outside her hospital room. When Alex revealed to Mike the truth about the baby, Mike blamed himself for Julie's problems. Yet as far as Bill was concerned, the blame belonged with Bert for having goaded Mike into this loveless marriage. As for Mike, he as disgusted by his mother's neglect of his father and her "take-charge" attitude with Hope. The only good news in Mike's life at this time was his graduation from law school. Dr. Paul Fletcher would soon advise the Bauers that Julie should be put into a mental institution, which the Bauers and the Conrads did do. In 1966, the Bauers got word that Julie had died of injures, while in the mental institution, that were possibly self-inflicted. With Bill's encouragement, Mike and Hope escaped Bert's dominance and relocated to Bay Cit, ywhere they lived in a boarding house owned by Ellen Hastings, who acted as a mother figure to Hope.

- In 1968, an 8-year-old Hope arrived in Springfield with Mike and become reacquainted with her family. Lonely, in 1969, Hope instantly bonded with her Aunt Leslie, who became a mother figure. In 1970, Mike would impulsively marry Charlotte Waring who was anything but a mother figure! A selfish woman, Charlotte resented Mike's closeness with Hope and made her disinterest in Hope perfectly clear to the girl, although Mike was unaware of this. Miserable with her "wicked stepmother", Hope, Hope confided in her best friend, Christy Rogers, and finally ran away in 1971 to a deserted cabin. Luckily Mike found her and learning how Charlotte treated her, he bitterly wrote off his new wife. That same day, Charlotte suffered a miscarriage and a grief stricken Hope gave her blessing for the pair to reconcile. However in 1972 the reconciliation didn't last long and, in 1972, when Mike learned how vindictive Charlotte was, he divorced her after Hope told him that she saw Charlotte in a romantic embrace with Dr. Dick Carey. In 1973, a teenaged Hope watched her father marry the love of his life, her beloved Aunt Leslie, and again moved to Bay City to a boarding school.

- In 1975, Mike brought an almost mature Hope home from Bay City University where she'd been dating the married college professor, Alex McDaniels and enrolled her in Springfield University. Resenting her father’s actions, their relationship was strained for a time. Soon after returning to town, Hope found herself attracted to the older Chad Richards, a singer at the nightclub "The Metro." Hope though was nervous to bring Chad home to meet her father or Leslie, thinking they would again disapprove of another man in her life. Then Chad started suffering from severe headaches that he and Hope just thought were migraines, but not wanting to lose this man just in case, she finally decided to bring him to "meet the parents" shortly before the holidays of the year. Though both Leslie and Mike were shocked to see who Hope's new boyfriend was (especially since Leslie herself had dated Chad several years ago), they decided to keep an open mind for Hope's sake and even Mike realized that Chad was worthy of his daughter. His opinion would change however when shortly after New Year 1976, when Chad unexpectedly went after Leslie! Luckily Mike saved her by fighting Chad off and the cause of Chad's violence was diagnosed by Dr. Emmet Scott and Dr. Tim Ryan as a brain tumor. Though it was operable, Cedars at that time didn't have the capabilities and so Chad was forced to leave Hope and Springfield to get treatment in Los Angeles. With Chad gone, Hope had felt very gun shy about entering another relationship, but Mike encouraged her to continue to seek love, again. Soon, Hope would end up falling for her college friend, the worldly artist Ben McFarren. Unfortunately, Ben was someone else that Mike didn't approve of since Ben not only had painted a nude picture of Hope that she posed for but he also had a criminal record. However, unbeknownst to Mike, Ben hadn't committed the robbery he went to prison for years ago; he was covering for his brother, Jerry McFarren. Though Bert tried to counsel Mike, to butt out, Mike wouldn't listen. But a little later, Ben (after Leslie was killed) approached Ann Jeffers about Mike investigating the robbery of the deli (Ben knew what Mike would find, that it wasn't him, but Jerry who had done this deed) and Ben seemed genuine about him being innocent in the crime. Ben also asked Mike to keep his investigation a secret from Hope. (Mike who had taken Leslie's death hard and also helping Ann escape from Spence, thought that it was time to bury any ill feelings he had towards Ben and found out in the course of his investigation of the robbery of the deli, that Ben's fingerprints did not match the fingerprints of the actual robber and worked to get Ben exonerated of the robbery and his record of the deed {actually done by his brother}, expunged, which Mike was successful in doing -- this was important for Ben to get a job at Spaulding years later.) Mike's opinion of Ben changed, for the better, when Ben told Mike, in private that he had covered for his younger brother, Jerry. Ben asked Mike not to try and go after his brother, Jerry, since Ben still served time for the deli robbery and Mike agreed. But then Jerry caught got up with owning the men who had floated him the loan for his gambling debts and also for keeping Roger Thorpe's "The Metro" afloat. And when Roger ended up being beaten up, Peggy asked Mike to investigate and Mike found out that Jerry had been responsible for all of this. And then Ben paid off Jerry's debt. Mike figured out what Ben had done yet again, about bailing out Jerry, and when Hope found out that a lot of the money that Ben and Hope had set aside to start a new life in the future was missing, she went to Mike and was very angry about this. Mike urged his daughter to calm down and not break things off with Ben, but Hope refused to listen to her father, and went ahead and confronted Ben. When Ben wasn't forthcoming about the missing money, that's when Hope broke things off with him. A little later, in the spring of 1977, when Hope found out through Ann Jeffers that it had been Jerry who Ben was covering for; Hope tried to get back with him. However, it was too late--Ben had already moved on. Ready to go away to New York to design school, Hope said a final goodbye to Ben.

- In 1979, a mature Hope returned to town and embarked on a career in interior design. After a brief relationship with Gordon Middleton, Hope finally came face to face with the infamous Alan Spaulding. By the time Hope met Alan, she had been informed by Mike exactly what kind of man Alan was. Hired to decorate Alan's villa on the island St. Lucia, the two instantly disliked one another. Working with Gordon in the renovation process, the pair became were puzzled to find an IV unit in the villa and even more baffled when Alan was secretive about it. Knowing that Alan was under suspicion for helping the villainous Roger Thorpe, the pair considered pursuing the mystery. Before they could pursue it though, Gordon learned that his brother had been seriously injured in a car accident, and he decided to go back to his family home far from Springfield. Later, while traveling back to Springfield with Alan, the plane crashed in the Caribbean and the pair became marooned while Alan's pilot died! They drifted atop the wreckage to a lonely island and throughout the next several weeks, Hope began to see Alan's sensitive side and the pair made love. After being rescued by Mike and Alan's wife Jackie, they continued their affair despite the fact that Jackie announced she was pregnant with Alan's child. After Jackie finally left Alan after she suffered a miscarriage, Hope and Alan were free and despite her father's strenuous objections, the two married in February 1980. Then Hope began to realize that perhaps Mike was right about Alan all along when she found out Phillip was really Justin and Jackie Marler's child. Alan hadn't yet found out who were Philip's birth parents but Mike told Hope. Hope forced Alan to sign over his parental rights to Justin and Jackie and went as far as to leave their bedroom till Alan agreed to give custody of Philip to the Marlers. She told Alan that if he didn't sign the papers she'd leave him and he'd never see their unborn child. Hope never told Alan her reasons why she wanted him to give up Philip, but it could have been her disenchantment with his lengths to secure custody in the first place. With a great deal of anger, Alan signed those "damn paper’s." Seeing how angry Alan was, Hope became scared to return to their bedroom. Then in the summer of 1981, Hope overheard a conversation between Alan and Henry Chamberlain and learned that Alan had been having an affair with Ed's wife Rita! Not wanting to admit that her father was right about Alan, Hope kept mum and was later involved in a car accident when she accidentally drove her car into a tree. While Hope was in Cedars, she blurted out that she knew about him and Rita! Alan then begged forgiveness and swore to her that he would change. Alan told Hope that he never loved another woman like he loved her. Touched by his sensitivity and realizing that he was the first man she'd ever really loved, she agreed to give him another chance. Weeks later, Hope gave birth to a son, Alan-Michael.

- Days later, when Diane Ballard and Joe Bradley were murdered, Alan was falsely accused of the crime, so Hope escaped with Alan and Alan-Michael to Tenerife until Mike and Lt. Wyatt caught them. Although Alan was vindicated of both murders, he had to confess his old cooperation with the now presumed dead Roger and went to prison in 1982. While Alan was in prison, Hope and Alan-Michael moved in with Hope's grandmother, Bert, while the mansion was rented out to Floyd Parker and his girlfriend, Lesley Ann Monroe. Later that year, when Alan was released, the Spauldings moved back in to the mansion. Unfortunately, Alan soon reverted back to his old self and despite all his words, he couldn't control himself and he fired his daughter, Amanda, from Spaulding! Unnerved at Alan's actions, Hope threw him out of their bedroom. Then in November, Hope was thrown for a loop when Alan hired Trish Lewis to redecorate the mansion. Though confused as to why he'd hire Trish to do something she did professionally, Hope suspected nothing. That summer, just when she was ready to let Alan back into the bedroom, Hope overheard a conversation between Vanessa Chamberlain and Clay Tynan and learned something startling--Alan and Trish had been having an affair for months! After leaving Alan, she started dating Warren Andrews, against Bert and her Uncle Ed's advice. Unfortunately the disaster of her marriage to Alan caused Hope to turn to the bottle for solace and became an alcoholic, one reason why Warren ended up dumping her (the other reason being that he was attracted to the younger Lesley Ann Monroe). Though Mike was in denial over Hope's alcoholism, Ed realized what was going on. After several drunken binges, one in which she told Ross Marler about Trish and Alan's affair, Hope finally got help with the support of her Uncle Ed, a former alcoholic, and got help from AA. After her recovery, Hope realized that she could never be in the same town with Alan and moved to New York with little Alan-Michael.

- Unfortunately, Hope would apparently struggle with her battle with the bottle since an adult Alan-Michael would mention having seen his mother drunk in New York. In 1989, Hope disappointed Alan-Michael when she told him she couldn't attend his wedding to Harley Cooper since Alan would be there. In, 1993, Ed mentioned that Hope was now living in Washington Dc near her father, Mike. However, the following year, when Alan-Michael mentioned to his new love, Lucy, that he no longer had much contact to Hope since she had been spending most of her time in Europe. Later, after failing to contact Hope, Alan-Michael went to Ed and forced him to confess that Hope was in a clinic in Switzerland since she had fallen off the wagon again. She was ashamed and didn't want Alan-Michael to know about her problems because she didn't want him to see how weak she was. However, Ed stated that she would recover and after Alan-Michael (following Ed's advice) called her in the clinic, Hope was angry that Ed had told him everything. Later, in 1997, Mike mentioned that Hope was living in England.

- Since her return on the SONBC blog, "THE GUIDING LIGHT" it has been revealed that Hope left England in 2000. She moved to Washington D.C. and lived with her father in a townhome near the Capitol Building. Hope has maintained a close relationship with Alan-Michael and his wife Lucy while they were living in Europe. After Alan-Michael sold his flat in Europe without consulting his wife, Lucy took matters into her own hands. Hope agreed to return to Springfield for a visit only in hopes of talking some sense into her son and warning him against Alan's devious ways. Hope returned to Springfield on Valentine's Day 2007.

Actress Biography:

- Julia Barr is best known for her role on "ALL MY CHILDREN" where she played Brooke English from 1976-1981 and from 1982-2006. In the fall of 2006 she was asked to go on recurring which she declined and last aired in December of that year. She was quickly signed to the SONBC blog, "THE GUIDING LIGHT" after her impending departure was announced. Barr is an eight time Daytime Emmy award nominee and has took home the gold for her role on 'AMC' as Outstanding Supporting Actress in 1990 & 1998. Her daughter with Richard Hirschlag, Allison appeared on the CBS "GUIDING LIGHT" as Lizzie Spaulding for five months in 2002-2003.

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