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The Guiding Light: Episode 047
Wednesday, February 14, 2007
Written By: Dan Gobble & Josh Hawkins


At the Spaulding Mansion later in the afternoon, Phillip works at a mahogany desk in the Spaulding living room. He looks over at a picture of Beth and smiles. Beth walks down the stairs and sees Phillip working hard. She sneaks up to him and puts her arms around his neck and kisses him. “Happy Valentine’s Day,” she chirps.

“Happy Valentine’s Day sweetheart,” he answers. “Honey, I hope you don’t mind moving back into the mansion. We’re going to need room for the kids while we look for a house.” Phillip turns toward Beth and gives her a kiss. “I swear we will be out of here and away from my father as soon as possible.”

“What is Alan doing? And for that matter, why are you working here?”

“I needed some peace to get some work done,” Phillip replies. “The board members are pulling their hair out waiting for some word on Aunt Alex. I think dad has hid under his bed to keep them from hounding him. I couldn’t find him anywhere. So I figured that since it is Valentine’s Day, I could do a little work here and then take my lovely wife to lunch.”

Phillip and Beth kiss, but he can see that there is something on Beth’s mind. “What’s wrong honey?”

“Phillip, have you heard anything from Lizzie? I missed her this morning. I keep calling her cell phone, but I can’t get through.”

“Well she’s at school,” Phillip says as he tries to calm Beth down.

“No she’s not. She had a half-day today. Phillip, I’m really worried about her. We haven’t even told her that we got married. She’s going to hate that we kept this a secret from her.” She pauses and looks at her watch. “Where could she be?” she says with increasing anxiety. Beth goes quickly over to the phone.

“Beth, who are you calling?”

“I’m calling Frank,” Beth anxiously replies as she fumbles through the buttons.

“Honey, Lizzie is hardly missing. She’s been gone for a few hours. There’s no need to call a search party yet.”

Just as Phillip says this, Lizzie walks through the door of the Spaulding Mansion and sees her parents together.

“Lizzie! Where have you bee?” Beth exclaims. “You were supposed to have gotten out of school at a quarter till noon, what were you doing? Do you know how…”

“I’m not going to answer any of your questions until YOU answer one for me!” Lizzie interrupts.


Ben Reade enters Company with a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates. He sees Marina over in the corner taking an order from a customer. When she finishes, he runs over and gives her a kiss. Marina notices the flowers and chocolate and gives him another kiss.

“Have I outdone myself or what?” Ben asks.

“You have. I just want to know what is with the chocolate. You want to make me fat?” Marina jokes.

“Of course not. Now, I have to go meet Bill at Towers, but when I get back, you will have my undivided attention.”

“Remember we have to make an appearance at the Beacon dance tonight,” Marina reminds him.

“But do we have to go?” Ben whines. “You know that I can’t dance. I have two left feet and I don’t want to step on those gorgeous little toes of yours.”

“Yes, we do. I promised Tammy that we’d make an appearance. We need to be there at 7, so don’t be late.”

“I won’t,” Ben replies.

They kiss and Ben runs out of Company as Marina watches him.


Holly sits at her office at the Springfield Journal newsroom. Suddenly, the buzzer on the telephone rings. “Holly, a delivery just came for you,” the secretary announced.

“Thanks Rhonda, I’ll be right there.”

Holly walks into the main newsroom and sees a bouquet of flowers on Rhonda’s desk. She picks them up and reads the card.

“To cheer up a special woman on a special day. Ed.”

Holly smiles and takes them back into her office. She places them in a vase in her office and sits down.


And Now "The Guiding Light"


Marah stumbles into the Santos Mansion after a long day of apartment and job hunting. She spots Danny on the sofa reading a book. She goes to him and hugs him.

“Marah, find anything yet?”

“No, nothing. No one seems to want a fashion maven in Springfield. The only job offer that I got today was from my father. But I turned him down. I’m just not ready to go back home yet.”

“Well, it sounds like you have had a long day and I know exactly what you need.” Danny smiles.


“Lizzie, don’t speak like that to your mother. Answer the question. Where were you?” Phillip reprimands.

“Not before I know why the two of you decided to run off to Las Vegas and get married without telling me!” Lizzie yells.

“Who told you that?” Phillip asks.

“It doesn’t matter who told me. What matters is that neither of you even bothered to consider me in this equation.”

“We tried to call you…” Beth explains.

“LIAR!” Lizzie explodes.

“She’s not lying honey. We tried calling you. But there was no buildup to this. It was an impulsive decision that we made and we’re sorry that we didn’t include you,” Phillip soothes her temper.

“This is why I left in the first place. This family is so disjointed now that we can’t even tell the truth to one another. You to lie to each other, you lie to grandpa. You lie to us. This house is a cesspool and I can’t take it anymore. And yet,” she laughed sarcastically, “I came back because I was feeling homesick up there. I come back and find my family in worse shape than when I left. How can we move on with our lives when no one wants to change?”

“Honey, we are trying to change. That’s why we got married: to give you and James a normal family. Once we get out of here and into a house of our own, we can have the normal family just like you want,” Beth explains.

“No you guys have not changed. You couldn’t even bother to tell me before you made a major decision and I can’t forgive you for this, either one of you. I’ve decided to go back to Alsten before I transform into another ghoul like the rest of this family,” Lizzie cries as she runs out the front door. Beth walks to Phillip, who puts an arm around her to comfort her.


At Towers, Bill sits at the bar drinking another round of liquor. Ben walks in and sees Bill’s disheveled appearance. He walks to the bar, as Bill is about to put the glass to his lips and takes the glass away from him.

“From the looks of it, I think you’ve had enough Bill,” Ben says. “What’s wrong? Why are you drowning yourself in beer?”

“What could be wrong Ben? Guess what? I may or may not be a father.” Bill slurs.

“Whoa, wait. What do you mean, “may or may not?” Ben asks confusedly.

“Our dear friend Michelle is pregnant and I am one of the lucky daddy candidates. But there’s more, because what makes this even better is that Danny Santos is the other.”

“What! You slept with Michelle?” Ben exclaims.

“Yup. Unfortunately, she must not have thought that I could be elected because she didn’t even bother to tell me. With a twenty-year friendship under our belt, you’d think that she could confide in me. But that’s not the case, evidently,” he says bitterly.

“I can’t believe this. Who told you about this?”

“My own mother,” Bill laughs. “She somehow found out before I did and blindsided me with the news. OF course, she could be lying. But I don’t think this is one of those times.” He finishes in a hushed whisper.

“Have you talked to Michelle?”

“Nope. She’s been avoiding me like a bad cold. That’s why I think that all of this is true. Why else would she not want to talk to me?”

“So what are you going to do now?” Ben inquires.

“I heard that Michelle is going to be at the benefit dance at the Beacon. I’m going to talk to her then. I need to hear her say it. I need to find out what is going on.”


Tammy arrives at Company and Marina drags her to the booth.

“Did you convince your mom?” Marina whispered.

“Yes, I was.”

“Good. My dad is out of town at a conference so I need to ask Grandpa if I can go.”

Buzz sees Marina and Tammy talking quietly and wonders what is up.

“What are you two plotting over there?” ha asks.

“Nothing much, just a slumber party. Tammy’s got us a suite at The Beacon.”

“Yeah, Buzz, we’re having a girls’ night out.”

“What about Ben, is he going to be there?” Buzz asks.

“Nope, no boys allowed tonight,” Tammy replies.

“Good. But have you told him. What does he think about that?”

“Ben’s busy tonight anyway. Alexandra Spaulding is missing in action so Alan has Ben on search party detail,” Marina lies.

“Well, since you’ve been so good around here, I guess you deserve a night out. Just don’t let me down. Your father would kill me if anything happened to you.”

“Okay Grandpa.” Marina kisses him on the cheek and Buzz goes in the back of the restaurant.

“We did it! So what are your plans for tonight Tammy?”

“I don’t know. But if we don’t want our cover blown, I need to tell Shayne about our plan.”

“Just as long as he doesn’t spill.”

“Oh he won’t, if he wants to live that is,” Tammy jokes.

They laugh and continue to plan their Valentine’s night.


“What are you planning?” Marah asks.

“Just go upstairs, there’s something that I want you to see.”

Marah runs upstairs. After a few minutes, she comes down in a beautiful new dress.

“Oh, this is so gorgeous Danny.”

“So I’m guessing you like it huh?”

“Of course I like it. Thank you so much.”

Marah gives Danny a hug. “I think that dress needs a little breaking in tonight. Will you go with me to the Beacon dance tonight?” Danny asks.

Marah smiles and tells him yes. They kiss and pull away quickly as they both look at each other.


Holly looks at the card again and then decides to get back to work. She can feel her migraine beginning again, so she gets up and takes some medicine before an assistant brings in a copy of the new issue of the Journal.

“Here’s tomorrow’s copy Ms. Lindsay.”

“Thanks John.”

The assistant leaves and Holly looks at the paper. The front story is about a rape case. A man abused and raped his wife. As she reads the article, she flashes back to the past. She cringes as she feels Roger’s touch on her. As the vision becomes more and more real, Holly yells. “Roger! Stop! Roger please don't! Roger, please!” A visiting Ed hears Holly scream and runs to her.

“Holly, Holly. Snap out of it. It’s going to be okay.”

Holly begins to snap out of her dream and sees Ed.

“Ed to the rescue,” she says. “I’m sorry, I just had a dream, that’s all.”

“It sounded like you were saying Roger’s name. What’s wrong? Have you heard anything from him or something?”

“No, I just. I saw tomorrow’s cover story about the rape trial and I remembered the day that Roger raped me. I could feel his hands over me and I…”

“Holly, why don’t you leave early and take a nap?”

“I don’t know Ed. It’s just been one of those days, ya know. I’ve spent so much time at home that it is almost more depressing to be there. I mean, at least here, I can bury myself in work.”

“Here, I have an idea that will take your mind off of everything. Since we’re officially a couple now, why don’t I take you out for a nice dinner and then we can make an appearance at the Beacon tonight. How does that sound?” Ed offers.

“It sounds good. I could use a little dancing. By the way, I got your flowers earlier. They really brighten up the room don’t they?”

“Yeah. They do. So I’ll pick you up at 7?”

“Sounds good,” Holly replies as she kisses Ed.


Beth and Phillip scramble to get ready in time for the Beacon dance. Phillip opens a drawer to find his lucky tie, while Beth gets ready in the bathroom. She comes out in tears and Phillip tries to comfort her.

“Sweetheart, it will be okay. I know it. Lizzie just needs to vent and soon she’ll get it out of her system. She’s wanted us back together for years and now here we are. Now we can all be a happy family.”

“I guess so, but the anger in her eyes. It just, I couldn’t bear to see her so hurt. We should have included her. She just got home and I don’t want to see her leave us again. I wish we could just make this up to her.”

“We will, but now, we have a party to go to. I don’t want anything to ruin our first Valentines Day back together,” Phillip whispers lovingly into her ear. They kiss and finish getting ready for the party.


Later that evening, the Beacon hotel is adorned with beautiful decorations in preparation for the big event. The guests begin to arrive one-by-one. Beth and Phillip, Lillian and Billy, Ed and Holly, Reva and Josh all arrive. Michelle searches around the hotel for Bill as a mysterious woman approaches the front desk. “I need to reserve a room for the evening please."

An attendant behind the desk typed on the keyboard, "And your name?"

"My name is..."


"Hope Bauer!”

:Fades to Black:


- Hope makes herself known to Lucy and A-M!
- Love is in the air as several couples make love!
- Lizzie and Braxton meet!


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