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The Guiding Light: Episode 049
Tuesday, February 27, 2007
Written By: Dan Gobble & Josh Hawkins


Beautiful decorations adorn the Beacon Hotel for the benefit Valentine’s Dance. Couples dance and dine in Olivia’s Bar, which has been transformed for the occasion.

Phillip and Beth sit at one of the tables sipping wine and toasting to each other.

“To us and to a new beginning,” Phillip toasts.

“Here, here!” Alan interrupts as he walks over to the table. Alan notices that Beth has something weighing on her mind.

“What’s wrong Beth? I thought you would be enjoying this?” Alan asks.

“Someone told Lizzie that Phillip and I got married without us telling her first and now she is furious with Phillip and myself,” Beth acidly remarks.

“I’m sorry to hear that Beth. I wonder who could have told her.”

Beth replies, “Oh, I think that you know.” She turns toward Olivia sitting at another table and glares at her. Olivia smiles and gives her an innocent-looking wave.


The Role of Shayne Lewis is now being played by Ben Hogestyn.

At another table, Shayne, Tammy, Ben, and Marina crack jokes while waiting for their food to come.

“Ok, so I turn and look at Marah, who is wearing like the ugliest dress on Creation and I say ‘Marah, why are you wearing that, it looks like Ralph Lauren vomited all over it,’” Shayne teases.

Tammy hits Shayne in Marah’s absence while Ben and Marina laugh. Marina looks at her watch and nudges Tammy.

“Why don’t we go freshen up before the food gets here?” she asks Tammy.

They get up and head to the restroom. “Be nice, boys,” Marina calls back to them.

“God, women. One of them goes to the bathroom and it sets off a chain reaction,” Shayne jokes.

The guys laugh and look at each other, wondering what they can talk about to break the awkward silence.

“So, read any good books lately?” Shayne asks.

Meanwhile, Tammy and Marina stand in front of a mirror in the bathroom. Marina takes a package out of her purse and opens it, revealing rows of birth control pills. She pops the pill in her mouth and drinks the water to wash it down her throat. She then looks at her face in the mirror. “I’m so ready for this Ben,” she says seductively.


At another table, Alan-Michael and Lucy silently sit. A-M decides that now is as good a time as any to give Lucy her gift. He slips a small package over to her side of the table. However, Lucy is still too mad to take it and open.

“Honey, please. I know you’re angry at me, but could we just put things aside for tonight?”

“Alan-Michael, what you did was horrible. You can’t buy off my anger this time.”

Lucy flashes back to her phone call with Hope and wonders if she did the right thing. She pauses and picks up the gift.

“I’ll give you tonight Alan-Michael, but you better dazzle me.” She smiles and opens the gift.

Meanwhile, Hope stands at the main desk of the hotel to reserve a room.

“And how long will you be staying?” the clerks asks.

Hope thinks and says, “I think I’ll have to get back to you on that…”


Reva and Josh sit at the table eating and reminiscing. Reva’s smile drops when she thinks of her estranged daughter.

“Oh Joshua, If only everything was okay with Marah and I, my life would be perfect. I wish she could forgive me.”

“Marah’s a stubborn one. Kind of like her mother,” Josh grins. “She’s more like you than she is willing to admit.”

Reva laughs, “Well that’s always a bad sign.”

“No that’s not what I meant. Marah will come around, I know it. We have raised our daughter well.”

“Well, at least you raised her,” Reva laments.

“Let’s not get started on that subject. Here, we’ve made our appearance here. Why don’t we go to Towers now. I have a special night planned for us,” Josh hints.

Reva and Josh rise to leave, but when they do, Marah and Danny enter the room!


And Now "The Guiding Light"


After reserving a room, Hope tries to find her way to the party. When she discovers the party is in the hotel bar, Hope pauses and wonders if she should go in. However, she realizes that her son’s welfare is more important and begins to walk towards the party when she is stopped by one of the hotel guards.

“I’m sorry Ma’am, but you can’t go in without an invitation.”

Hope replies, “But you misunderstand, the invitation is under my son’s name, Alan-Michael Spaulding. I just arrived a bit late.”

The guard checks the registry and allows her to go in.


“Why do you think Olivia told Lizzie about your marriage?” Alan asks.

“Why does she do anything Alan? She’s probably been plotting this since she heard about our wedding. Phillip’s off the market and she wants revenge,” Beth quips.

“Well, I will deal with Olivia,” Alan replies.

“I would appreciate it if you would.” Beth retorted.

Alan walks over to his wife and asks if he can sit down with her.

“Olivia, did you get my gifts today? I had them sent overnight.”

“Yes, I did. They were beautiful. You really outdid yourself Alan. Now I’d appreciate it more if you would give me that division at Spaulding I wanted, but I’ll take any small measure of devotion I can get,” she hints.

“Anything to please my wife,” Alan says, ignoring the hint.

“You know Olivia, I had the weirdest conversation with Beth and Phillip. Lizzie has found out about their marriage and they seem to think that you are responsible. You haven’t heard anything about this, have you?”

“Of course not Alan. What could I have to gain by exposing their marriage? Phillip’s out of my evil clutches anyway.”

“Olivia, I think the pressing question is what do you have to lose?”


Ben and Shayne continue to make idle talk as they wait for the girls to return. Somehow the conversation turns to women.

“You seem to make Marina happy. I haven’t seen her like this in awhile. Please, just don’t hurt her,” Shayne says.

“Marina has really changed me Shayne. Before I met her, I was such a jerk. I’m sure your sister has told you that. Love changes you. I know that sounds hollow and cliché but sometimes it is true. I’m sure you know what it’s like,” Ben replies.

“Yeah, I do,” Shayne says uneasily.

“You know man, maybe it’s time for you to go out looking for a relationship? Just turn on the ol’ Lewis charm and you’ve got her,” Ben says.

“I just…I just don’t want to look for one right now. I want to wait until after high school. This year is so hectic with getting into college. A romance would just get in the way,” Shayne stammers.

“I understand man. Oh speak of the devil,” Ben jokes.

Marina and Tammy return to the table and look around the room to see who is around. The waiter comes with their food and they sit around and eat. Marina looks at her watch and sees that it is getting rather late.

“It’s time guys. Ben, wait for about ten minutes and then come up the back stairwell. Shayne knows where it is, he will take you there. Don’t be long,” Marina winks.

When they are sure that no one is watching them, Tammy and Marina get up from the table and sneak out of the party. Ten minutes elapse and Shayne and Ben get up and go to the back stairwell.

“Here it is man. Have a good night,” Shayne says as Ben runs up the stairs to continue his Valentines Day.


Reva and Marah lock eyes, but Marah ignores her and guides Danny to an empty table. Reva walks over to the table to try to talk some sense into her.

“Listen sweetheart, I know that you are going to hate me every other day for the rest of your life, but I just want you to understand that I never meant to hurt you,” Reva explains.

“Well you did anyway,” Marah coldly replies.

“I didn’t mean to hurt you Marah.”

“Intentions, mother. You do know what they say about intentions, right: they pave the road to Hell. Now I’ve think we have said everything that was to be said. I will never be able to forgive you for what you’ve done. I noticed you and dad were leaving, so why don’t you get the hell out?”

At this, Reva explodes.

“Tell me Marah. Why can Danny forgive me for the loss of his cousin, a person he thought of like a brother, while my own daughter turns her back on me? I know that I have made many mistakes over the years and I know that that I have made some bad decisions. However, I had no idea that Richard’s death would cause Roxanne to go insane. My mind wasn’t even thinking that. My main thought was about Richard and the pain that HE was suffering. I know you think that I am a horrible person that ingratiates herself into other people’s lives, but that is not true!” Reva yells.

“Tony’s death is just the final straw. You’ve never given me a thought. You certainly didn’t when you drove off the bridge, when you were torn between us and your royal missing years, or when you, hell do I even have to go on? To you, we are an inconvenience that you just have to ignore and we’ll fade into the background. When, I ask, did you EVER give us a second thought?” Marah retorts.

Josh tries to calm down the situation before it spirals out of control. He takes Reva by the arm and takes her out of the Beacon while everyone looks at them. He tells Marah that he’ll call her later as they leave. Danny and Marah look at the entrance that they disappeared through and sit down to rejoin the dance. Everyone turns their attention to their own party as the situation settles.

“Maybe you should forgive your mom Marah. You know that she never meant for Tony’s death to happen. She knew that you loved him and if you will remember, she went to bat for you with Josh. Just give her a chance. She knows she made a mistake without you rubbing it in,” Danny explains.

“Danny, I don’t want to talk about it. That’s not what this night is about,” Marah replies.

Danny realizes that Marah does not want to go on with this topic and changes the subject.

“Yeah, tonight is a very special night. I was actually going to ask you tonight if you would want to, I mean, I know that it is still soon after Tony’s death. But would you want to, you know, make love with me?”

“Danny. I’ve been wanting to do that since December,” Marah smiles as they kiss.


Shayne and Tammy return to the house with pizza and movies to spend the rest of Valentines night. They go up to Shayne’s bedroom and begin to eat.

“Ah, this is so much better.” Shayne remarks as he gulps down a slice of pizza. “I love your mom’s hotel, but I’ve never been one to eat food I couldn’t pronounce.”

“Shayne that narrows it down quite a bit. You’re vocabulary is pretty limited.”

Shayne grins and puts on the movie.

“Tammy, I fart in your general direction.” Shayne recites in synch with the movie. To this Tammy laughs and hits Shayne with a pillow. “Stop blabbering, I can’t hear the movie!”

“I tell ya Tam, who needs Valentines Day when you have a date with Monty Python. Those damn card companies and their campaigns.”

“This is nice. But don’t you ever get tired of being so alone. I mean, what happened to that one girl that you were with about a year ago? Scared her off?” Tammy grins.

“Nah, she just wasn’t my type. That’s all.”

“It’s just. I worry about you Shayne.”

“Well, I’m fine. And why did you go sic my sister on me for? If you wanted to report on some drama, you should have got Marah and my mom together, Shayne asks.”

“I’ve noticed you Shayne. You act so distant, like your mind is about a million miles away. I worried about you and I thought she should know. You and Marah have always had such a great relationship.”

“Had being the operative word there. I had a strong relationship with my sister, but I can’t help but feel her slipping away. I guess that’s what happens when we grow older,” Shayne laments.

“You can’t let that happen Shayne. You have to try to get her back. There has to be a way that she will forgive Reva.”

“Nope. And Marah can hold a grudge better than anyone I know. She still hasn’t forgiven me for when I put the frog in her pants at Uncle Rusty’s house. She seems oblivious to anything that doesn’t concern her. She just doesn’t understand,” Shayne sighs.

“Are you sure that there’s nothing wrong Shayne?” Tammy asks, noticing his facial expressions.

“No there’s nothing. Stop worrying or you’ll put a damper on our little party. Now watch the movie, they are just about to discover the Knights of Ni.”


“What do you mean by that Alan?” Olivia asks.

“I think, Olivia, that you have nothing more to lose. Is Beth right, did you tell Lizzie simply to get back at Phillip for leaving you?”

“Alan, I would never tell Lizzie. And even so, as you said, Phillip is gone. He means nothing more to me. You can relax, I have been a good little girl scout.”

Alan shoots her an “I’ll be watching you look,” as he gets up from the table. Alan notices a familiar face approach Alan-Michael and Lucy.

“Hello darling,” Hope says to a stunned A-M.

“H-Hi mom! What are you doing here?” A-M asks.

“I’m here to save the day sweetheart. It seems that since I’ve been gone, Alan has been making you in his own image and I’m hear to put a stop to it. I received a rather disturbing phone call from your wife, saying that you stole a classic move from Alan’s playbook. Is this true?”

A-M angrily stares back at Lucy.

“You tattled on me to my mother?” A-M demands.

“Yes. And I am not one bit sorry that I did.”


Twenty times, I’ve tried to tell you. Twenty times, I’ve cried alone. Always I’m surprised how well you cut my feelings to the bone.

Ben and Marina kiss beside a bed in a Beacon suite. Ben lowers her gently on to the bed and they begin to make love.

Don’t want to leave you really. Just wanna break the ice. Do I look silly to you when I yield to your advice? When you say we belong to the light, we belong to the thunder.

Josh brings Reva back home to their bedroom. Josh takes his hand and wipes a tear from Reva’s eye and moves close to kiss her. Reva takes off his shirt and they walk towards the bed.

We belong to the sound of the words we’ve both fallen under. Whatever we deny or embrace for worse or for better. We belong, we belong together.

Beth and Phillip cap off their first Valentines Day back together back at their room in the Spaulding mansion. Phillip takes Beth into his arms and places her down on the bed. He undresses and gets under the covers.

Maybe it’s a sign of weakness that I don’t know what to say. Maybe I just wouldn’t know what to do with my strength anyway. Have we become a habit? Do we distort the past? Now there’s no looking forward and there’s no looking back.

Alan alone in the dark of the Spaulding study thinking about the events of the evening. He puffs out a smoke ring from his cigar. Olivia walks in and goes to Alan’s chair and puts her arm around him

Till we say we belong to the sound of the words we’ve both fallen under. Whatever we deny or embrace for worse or for better. We belong, we belong together.

:Fades to Black:


- Lucy and Harley take off!
- Michelle's world crumbles down.
- Is Ed seeing Marueen?


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