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December 27, 2006




-Victor is on his way to the park to meet with Bo when he runs into Philip, who is on his way to meet Belle there. He tells his father he has meaning to talk to him but with everything going on it's been hard. Victor apologizes for not properly welcoming him home. He tells Philip he looks more handsome now then he did prior to all his surgeries. Philip says he doesn't want to discuss that. It's been hard enough to deal with, much less talk about.

Victor understands Philip is having a hard time dealing with everything that happened to him. He apologizes for his betrayal of him with Claire's paternity. Philip urges Victor not to worry about it. Claire turned out to be his anyway. He tells Victor he wants to be more involved in the family business. He knows his father is in this war to destroy all his enemies, including Stefano Dimera, and he wants in on those dealings.

Victor doesn't like the idea and tells Philip he is not ready. He has already been through a great deal and it's too much for him right now. Plus, he wants to groom Philip and ease him into taking over control of his empire and dealings at some point. The things going on right now are just too dangerous and too complicated. Philip is angry and thinks Victor doesn't think he can handle it. Victor denies that and urges Philip to worry about his wife and daughter and he will get his chance to be more involved in the new future.

Philip reluctantly agrees and pirvately vows to be more involved somehow and prove himself to his father.

-Belle and Roman are walking through the park. Roman says it's nice to have her back in Salem. Belle says she is happy she returned in time for her mother to show up and for Eric's wedding and recovery. She says it's nice they are all together as a family and are united. She says that Sami and Roman getting closer was a true miracle, just like mom returning. Roman agrees and asks Belle how she is doing.

Belle says she is fine. Roman inquires about San Francisco and what happened there between Philip and her. Belle explains that Philip and her came to na understanding to leave the last behind and try to make things work in their marriage for Claire's sake. Roman says that's nice but asks if Belle really wants that. Belle says she doesn't want Shawn anymore. She knows she can't have him. Roman knows that but insists that he knows Belle isn't happy.

Belle denies that claim. Roman reveals he talked with Sami and Caroline and knows she has been pretty secretive, as has Philip, about San Francisco and what is going on with Philip and her. He tells Belle not to be afraid and reminds her that she doesn't have to force herself to stay with him. She has a choice and it doesn't have to be Philip. They can still be good parents to her. She doesn't have to stay with him. Victor overhears and says the hell she doesn't.

-Stephanie is finished packing her suitcase in Kayla's suite. She tells Steve and Kayla it's hard to say goodbye. It wwas so hard saying goodbye to Grandma Caroline and Grandma Jo and the rest of the family. Kayla says she will miss her and they embrace. She tells Kayla to call if dad gets his memory back or if they need her for anything. Kayla promises she will.

Stephanie looks at Steve and hugs him. He gives her a kiss and Stephanie reminds him he will always be her father no matter what and thanks him for a wonderful Christmas. Steve thanks her too and says she will always be his little girl, memory or no memory. Kayla tears up and both her and Steve wish her well in LA. Kayla orders her to take good care of the apartment in LA. Stephanie promises too. Kayla asks if she is sure she doesn't need a ride. Stephanie says she's sure. She waves and blows kisses as she leaves.

Kayla wishes she would stay but knows she has classes to finish in LA and that she has friends out there. Kayla notices Steve holding his head and asks if he is ok. He says he is and that it's just a migraine. Kayla wonders if it has something to do with his memory and notices Steve is quite pale. He says he is fine and just needs some aspirin. He goes to get some as a worried Kayla looks on.

-Carrie and Alan are on the docks watching Austin. Alan reminds her that she should be out of Salem by now and back at the cabin. Carrie says she isn't sure she should do this. She wanted so much to reveal herself to Austin on Christmas and she still wants to. She wants to be with her family and it's killing her being around them and not telling them she is here. She is just afraid because she knows her baby will tear Austin and Lucas apart and Sami could end up getting hurt too, depending on who the father is.

Carrie says she knows Sami and Lucas got closet on Christmas and she doesn't want to ruin that. Deep down she always knew he loved her and belonged with her, just like she should be with Austin. She doesn't want to destroy their families. Austin turns around and nearly sees Carrie. Carrie realizes she can't stay and reveal herself, as much as she wants to. She can't risk hurting so many people. Alan says he will take her back to the cabin and they both leave. Austin turns and thinks he sees Carrie but thinks it was his imagination.

-Sami is making sandwiches when there is a knock on the door. She answers it. It's Lucas. She slams the door in his face. He opens it again and says he knows he deserved that. She asks how he could walk out on her. Yeah, they stopped making love on Christmas Eve because they realized it was too soon and they had a nice Christmas day but, the next day, he went MIA and now comes strolling in. Sami demands answers and wants to know if they have a future together or not.

Lucas says he does love her and he knows now being with Carrie was a mistake. Sami says she knows being with Austin was a mistake and that she loves him too. Lucas says he knows but it's not the right time. Carrie is out there having his baby and he wants to get her back to Salem to resolve everything. She needs to know he loves Sami and wants to be with her and the only way to bring her back is to make Salem safer. Carrie left because she felt unsafe raising her baby there and that is why he and Austin allied with Victor, to end the Dimera reign and make it ok for Carrie to come home and raise the baby there.

Sami almost blurts out that she knows Austin slept with Carrie too and the baby could be his but stops herself. She reminds Lucas and he and Austin could get killed doing this. Lucas knows that but it's worth the risk if it protects those they love and care about, including her and Will. If it brings Carrie back, it will be worth it. Once she returns, they can resolve things and he can still be a father to the baby and be with Sami. Sami says they can't be together if he gets killed.

Lucas says he won't but Sami adds that neither him or Austin knows that. The war is ridiculous and she says that her Aunt Hope is right. Bo, Austin, and him are going to get killed following Victor and working with him. She begs Lucas to back out now, along with Austin, and they can be together now. They can find Carrie together and enjoy each other now. Lucas says they have looked all over for Carrie, who is supposed to be with her mother Anna. They can't find her. Once Stefano and the Dimera's are destroyed, she will return home upon hearing the news.

Sami is skeptical and hates this. Lucas says they can't be together right now. It's bad enough her and Will are in danger from Alan right now but, if she and him are together now, she may become a target of Stefano or the Dimera's. Sami says she is a Brady and is always a Dimera target. She asks him what makes him think Carrie will come home even with Stefano and the Dimera's gone. Alan is still there and he poses a threat. Lucas reminds Sami that Carrie was with Alan and he didn't hurt, that he knows of anyway.

He says he has stuff to do and needs to go. He tells Sami they will be together someday but it can't be now. He's sorry that he gave her hope it could be now but he can't risk losing her and just can't do this until things are resolved. Sami begs him to reconsider and for him and Austin to end their involvement with Victor. He says he and Austin have to do what they have to do. He leaves as Sami breaks down, crying. She vows not to lose him after they just found each other again. She vows to find a way to get him and Austin away from Victor and his mafia war before it's too late.

-Roman tells Victor he has no say. It's between Belle and Philip. Victor then asks why Roman is interfering. Roman says he isn't. He was just giving his daughter advice and what she chooses to do is up to her. Victor warns Roman not to interfere in his or his family's business. Roman, while smirking, says his daughter is his business and so is Bo. He will not stand by and let Victor control Belle and continue to put Bo and many other innocent lives in danger. He warns Victor that his games must end and that the war between him and Stefano will be over soon, whether he likes it or not. Roman and Victor coldly stare at each other as Roman leaves.

Victor then looks at Belle, who seems somewhat frightened. Philip arrives and kisses Belle. He asks if she is ready to go get Claire from the Pub. She says she is and they leave as Victor vows to make sure Belle stays put exactly where she is...with Philip. Meanwhile, Philip asks if she said anything to her father about San Francisco. She shakes her head and says she didn't. He is pleased and warns her to keep it that way or else face the consequences of messing with a Kiriakis. A scared Belle needs and then begins to shake as Philip places his arm around her and they leave the park.

-Roman returns to the penthouse and calls out to Marlena that he is home. She then sneaks up behind him, wearing a bright red negligee. She says she has been waiting for him and asks if he is ready for a wild night of passion and red hot sex. Marlena then begins forcefully kissing him and they end up on the couch. Roman pushes her off him and asks what is going on with her. She is never so aggressive and forceful.

Marlena calls him "tiger" and asks what is wrong. He wanted her the last few nights. She asks if he doesn't find her satisfying anymore. Roman says he does find her satisfying. He loves her but she is acting really strange. Marlena says she offended by that. Roman apologizes and decides to drop the issue. It's been a long day and he has alot on his mind. He begins to kiss her neck but she pushes him away and says she is no longer in the mood. She goes upstairs as a confused Roman looks on, telling himself that something is not right with her.

-Bo arrives to meet with Victor and apologizes for being late. Traffic is sort of backed up. Victor says it's no problem. Bo asks Victor if anything has changed since he called him earlier. Victor says nothing has. His contacts says there is a Dimera plot set for New Year's at the ball and Stefano should be in attendance to witness it. This is there chance to take out Stefano and begin the destruction of the Dimera empire.

Bo says ok and asks what the plan is. Victor says he will tell Bo what it is in a minute but says he has to ask him something first. He tells Bo he appreciates everything he has done. After all, he nearly died. However, he knows that the last few weeks he has wavered in his involvement in their cause due to everything going on. Victor says he knows the SPD is going to do something on New Year's to try to mess things up but he is not so much worried about them as he is one man in particular, someone who went from a person he respected to a person who has become a major thorn in his side and pretty much an enemy. Bo asks who it is and Victor says:

Victor: The time has come for you to prove your loyalty to me and to our cause. The cause we have been fighting for. The cause you nearly died for. It's time for you to show how far you are willing to go...if you are willing to go to levels that may force you to sacrifice the love and respect of those you care about for the greater good.

Bo: Victor, where is this going?

Victor: On New Year's Eve, if this person I am talking about interferes yet again and gets in the way of what we are trying to do, I need to know you will handle it. He is a threat and has become a major complication. I need to know that when push comes to shove, you will side with me and what we are fighting for. I need to know that you are willing to do what it takes and that you will take action on my instruction, if things should get to a point where such action is needed.

Bo: What are you trying to say?

Victor: Your brother, Roman. If he gets in the way, he will have to be taken out on my instruction. I will not let his interference continue nor will I allow him to ruin this chance we have to end the Dimera reign of terror. So...can you do that Bo? If necessary, can you take it your own brother Roman for our cause?

Bo is stunned and the screen then fades out on his shocked face.

On the Next Salem Lives...

Victor to Philip: Do me a favor Philip. Stay out of things you have no business dealing with. Got it?

Belle (with Sami) to Marlena: What is wrong with you, mom?

Nico to Victor: He's here. Stefano is here.

Abe to Roman and Shane: We will have to shoot to kill if those men in open fire.

Celeste: Oh dear God!!! Blood!! It's all over the ballroom!!! Midnight will bring bloodshed and suffering to Salem.

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Nice ending!!!! Wonder what Bo's going to do if that time comes.

I'm beginning to wonder if this is Marlena.....or if she is not sick or something. She's just acting strange so I can't help but speculate.

Belle and Philip are making me curious too.....Belle seems so scared, wonder if Philip is holding something over her head.

Again, I am liking the Bo and Victor stuff. I am also liking Victor all around.

I can't wait to see who the father of Carrie's baby is. Usually I don't get that invested with WTD stories but sometimes I do...and this involves Carrie and Austin so I am definately interested!

Great episode all around, good job. :)

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