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B&B June 2024 Discussion Thread

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The Emmy luncheon. But damn Jacqueline MacInnes Wood had to pay for the rest? Its only suppose to be lead actress category. Not every female nominated in other categories.

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I'm wise enough to know these people are getting paid to hate each other, but it does still warm my heart to know JMW has always gotten along so well with KKL, etc....  I would love to sit and have lunch with all these ladies (though I'm a guy, LOL) and after a few drinks really tell them how I and everyone else feels, the writing does all of them a disservice! 

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Posted (edited)

I am catching up.


Everything in the episode was a filler, with exception of Hope vs Steffy argument and then Hope telling her Momma and aunties... basically... IF she goes for MY line... I will go for HER husband... She didn't say this of course, but we all know the drill. War is war.  And as much as this is done to death in this show, I liked these scenes and it felt more reminiscent to Bold when it was watchable. Wow I can't believe I'm so positive. Someone pinch me. Also... P.S - I loved Annika's acting. This girl's got some chops. 




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Again, a better overall episode. With one exception.

We have the classic Bold board-room feud starting. I like these types of storylines, but I guess this will be very short and acidic. I doubt Bradley will do it in the proper way. Brooke is too gentle for my taste. This is not the slut from the valley I know and love. Brooke, show Steffy these teeth we all know you have. 

The exception is the absurd Luna and Bill... daddy scene. So fake and so rushed and sooo... idiotic.  And the Walmart commercial music didn't help it. Yikes.




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After a few drinks? I'd tell them right away!

A gay guy(I'm assuming) having lunch with a bunch of beautiful ladies isn't a stretch.

I've done it many times.

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