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Pre-emptions during July 1987


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I'm sure this has probably been covered, but when I saw the topic come up on the Bold from the beginning thread, my OCD kicked in and I decided to compare newspaper listings. I used the Pittsburgh Post Gazette and cross-referenced with Jason's DAYS site, the AWHP, the French Santa Barbara site and the GH episode summaries. There are some discrepancies, so if anyone can verify information, the floor is yours.

First things first, the Iran/Contra hearings were scheduled between 9 a.m.-12 p.m. and 2 p.m. onward on days they were held in July 1987. DAYS and RH/LOV/AMC were apparently never pre-empted. Y&R and B&B were pre-empted for at least three days because of an interesting arrangement that I'll get to in a moment.


Week of June 29-July 3: No GH on Tuesday, June 30, because of the Daytime Emmys. No AW and SB on Thursday, July 2, because of Wimbledon. No NBC daytime from 11 a.m. onward on Friday, July 3, because of Wimbledon.


Week of July 6-10: Gavel to gavel coverage of Iran/Contra began on Tuesday, July 7. AW and SB are listed as not airing that day, as is GH. I'm not sure about OLTL, ATWT and GL. Between July 8-10, CBS aired Pyramid at 12:30 and The Price Is Right at 1, then went back to the hearings at 2, so none of their soaps at all during that period. AW, SB and GH are listed as off on those days, with OLTL confirmed off beginning on July 9.


Week of July 13-17: No soaps at 2 and 3 p.m. through Wednesday. No pre-emptions Thursday. Starting Friday, July 17, the networks staggered their coverage, apparently no so much for soap fans, but because they were losing money. Apparently one network would bear the brunt per day. CBS' day was Friday.


Week of July 20-24: ABC day on Monday (GH is confirmed off). NBC day on Tuesday (SB is confirmed off). CBS day on Wednesday (but apparently AW also took the day off, unless Eddie had a typo). ABC day on Thursday (OLTL and GH are confirmed off, but AW is also listed). NBC day on Friday (but GH is also listed).


Week of July 27-31: No pre-emptions on Monday. NBC day on Tuesday. CBS day on Wednesday? GH is listed as off on Thursday, but so are AW and SB. AW and SB are also listed as off on Friday.

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It’s hard to really say how I got this info but as far as Y&R/B&B I have them being preempted for:

July 7-10, 13-15 and then July 20-22, 1987. I guess it’s possible they were shown earlier or weren’t effected, or maybe they swapped back and forth with ATWT/GL with them airing on days Y&R and B&B didn’t? 

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I have 15 pre-emptions for Y&R for 1987 - 9 are for the Iran/Contra hearings. The others are New Years Day, 2 for the US Open, 2 over Thanksgiving and 1 for Christmas. The only date missing from the above list is July 15. 

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It's hard to remember the exact number of days that Y&R was pre-empted, but it does seem like it was a couple of weeks or more.  The main thing I remember is racing to the archaic old barber shop my dad visited to have my overly-processed Big 80s hair whacked into an Ollie North cut.  lol.  

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On 10/23/2021 at 8:29 PM, BoldRestless said:

User @feuxdelamour did a very good review of this, and there's some discussion in the ATWT thread



Hi, first of all great thread! Nice way to combine knowledge and resources cross-soaps. As the initiator of the ATWT full episode list, let me just say that I've been working on a major overhaul of this list. The latter years have already been updated accordingly, but 1987 is still overdue for an update.

Here is the info I have for ATWT in the month of July 1987. The red color indicates a (suspected) pre-emption. Anything that is in bold has been confirmed as either having aired or having been pre-empted. Many of the dates on which I suspect the show was pre-empted were found in the listings, but that makes sense, as the pre-emptions were largely unplanned. As you can see much of my info lines up with the info you have given above. One difference is that I have Thursday 23rd confirmed as a pre-emption for ATWT (as announced at the end of the previous episode) and according to my info that was the CBS-day that week. The Wednesday 22nd episode is actually available online. 

1987 6 29 Monday   AsTheWorldStillTurns
1987 6 30 Tuesday   AsTheWorldStillTurns
1987 7 1 Wednesday   AsTheWorldStillTurns / munecojim
1987 7 2 Thursday   AsTheWorldStillTurns / munecojim
1987 7 3 Friday   AsTheWorldStillTurns / munecojim -- Scott Holmes' debut?
1987 7 6 Monday   AsTheWorldStillTurns
1987 7 7 Tuesday pre-empted Iran-Contra Hearings [Day 24: all networks] [listed in The Journal]
1987 7 8 Wednesday pre-empted Iran-Contra Hearings [Day 25: all networks] [listed in The Journal]
1987 7 9 Thursday pre-empted Iran-Contra Hearings [Day 26: all networks] [listed in The Journal]
1987 7 10 Friday pre-empted Iran-Contra Hearings [Day 27: all networks] [listed in The Journal]
1987 7 13 Monday pre-empted Iran-Contra Hearings [Day 28: all networks] [listed in The Journal]
1987 7 14 Tuesday pre-empted Iran-Contra Hearings [Day 29: all networks] [listed in The Journal]
1987 7 15 Wednesday pre-empted Iran-Contra Hearings [Day 30: all networks] [listed in The Journal]
1987 7 16 Thursday ?? [ICH Day 31: no afternoon session] [listed in The Journal]
1987 7 17 Friday pre-empted Iran-Contra Hearings [Day 32: CBS-led] [listed in The Journal]
1987 7 20 Monday ?? [ICH Day 33: ABC-led] [listed in The Journal]
1987 7 21 Tuesday   AsTheWorldStillTurns [ICH Day 34: NBC-led]
1987 7 22 Wednesday   AsTheWorldStillTurns
1987 7 23 Thursday pre-empted "due to special programming, ATWT will not be seen tomorrow. Join us again Friday" -- Iran-Contra Hearings [Day 35: CBS-led]
1987 7 24 Friday   "due to special programming, ATWT will not be seen tomorrow. Join us again Friday" [ICH Day 36: ABC-led]
1987 7 27 Monday ?? [listed in The Journal]
1987 7 28 Tuesday ?? [ICH Day 37: NBC-led] [listed in The Journal]
1987 7 29 Wednesday pre-empted Iran-Contra Hearings [Day 38: CBS-led] [listed in The Journal]
1987 7 30 Thursday ?? [ICH Day 39: ABC-led] [listed in The Journal]
1987 7 31 Friday ?? [ICH Day 40: NBC-led] [listed in The Journal]
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