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Characters who lost their families or never got one

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2 hours ago, titan1978 said:

Oof that breakdown was even worse than I remembered.  The show was so good again and that story really stood out as bad, and the two Macs.  Two real misses.

It really just didn't fit with the show at the time and it quickly and abruptly ended. Like she had a full on breakdown then went to lily's grave and was fine. 

The two Macs story might have been worse than the breakdown but they both were so bad.  At least it gave mac and felicia something to do

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23 hours ago, Chris B said:

Christine Blair owns this thread. She was as traditional a soap heroine you can get and since the mid 90s she never has had any family around and she’s never gotten to have any kids, which as a heroine is something she deserves after all the torment she went through. It’s such a bizarre oversight for such a valuable character. By now Christine should have at least two kids, a cousin, long lost sibling or something. I hate that she’s stuck with Paul and used as a talk to. The classic episodes showed how valuable she is when used properly. 



Monica Quartermaine on GH doesnt really count since Ned and Tracy were/are around recently, but damn! The writers put the Kennedy curse on that family.  AJ, Ala, Emily, Dawn, Justus, Drew, Oscar, (Jason at one point), (Edward & Lila naturally).

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I think Paul on Y&R owns this thread. He started off as a solo character, had a whole family built around him, but not long after that Mary was the only family he had on the show.

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On 10/30/2020 at 11:14 PM, applcin said:

AMC - Myrtle Fargate


Walking disaster Rae Cummings was her long-lost daughter (and Skye Chandler in effect her granddaughter), it didn't last long though.

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We’ve talked a good bit about how Mona Kane never had any family outside of Erica and her offspring. The show never introduced any relatives from that side of Erica’s tree, and it’s assumed Mona was never even given a maiden name.


Come to think of it - was anyone from Nancy Hughes’s family of origin ever mentioned or brought on the canvas on ATWT?

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I think we've missed Elizabeth Webber (GH) on this list.  She's lost her father, mother, sister, grandfather, and grandmother.  It is always odd when a character has more wedding dresses than family members.

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Nicole Walker, DAYS - Her sister, Taylor Raines (this last name was never explained) failed three times to illicit anyone giving a crap about her. Brandon, her brother, was well received. His last stint was horribly done by JER, but at least he's alive. I'd welcome a return. Her mother Faye was one of the few characters that really worked with Abe. Killing her off was a mistake. And then there's her rapist father, Paul, also killed off. Heck, she even had a dog, Pookie, who they killed off too.

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5 hours ago, All My Shadows said:

Come to think of it - was anyone from Nancy Hughes’s family of origin ever mentioned or brought on the canvas on ATWT?

Nancy had a sister Pearl who was used when Helen Wagner went on a vacation. However a late 1968 synopsis had Nancy mentioning that Pearl was considering moving to town...

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