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It’s a miracle: Characters who had gave late in life births

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7 hours ago, carolineg said:


For sure.  Deborah Adair was definitely styled in a matronly early 90's style that wasn't flattering.  I would never believe she's only one year older than LK.  The younger Billie/Austin recasts definitely helped even if they weren't as good.  AP and KA actually resembled LK's Kate as well. 


Aside from looks and aging I just thought Kate was John/Marlena's contemporary, where as Vivian was John's "aunt" so I just assumed she was older than the group by a lot.  But then Days ages have never made any sense so it could be a false assumption.


I would agree for sure that Kate is the contemporary of John and Marlena. Vivian was the contemporary of Stefano, Victor, Maggie, and Mickey. But she was/is glamorous and was written comically at times, so she always seemed younger. But Kate's contemporary? No way. LK's Kate has always been the comparable trophy wife for Victor and Stefano. 

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