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According to this article that I'm reading, once the pilot left the control zone of Burbank, he would have been totally on his own, left to his own judgement to navigate since he didn't have clearance to 'use his instruments' outside of the control zone. Once you leave that F.A.A. authorized zone, you're totally on your own if you continue on-- this is according to an anonymous F.A.A. official.



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On 1/27/2020 at 8:40 PM, Khan said:


IA.  And I do apologize to everyone for bringing up past allegations against Kobe at this time.  However, when I hear or read all the glowing tributes to the man -- not just to his skills as a basketball player, but his personal life as well -- I must admit it...concerns me, for lack of a better word.


Again, though, I apologize -- and you won't hear anymore from me on this particular subject.

I think some in the media shared your concern because they're now including the allegations stating  he wasn't perfect.  It's interesting because some are going in detail while others are simply calling it the "Colorado incident". When a celebrity dies the media always anoint them to sainthood.  A petition to change the NBA logo in his image, retiring his number so no other player can wear the numbers #8 or #24 is a bit much.  If the allegations were true she may be the only person who's happy he's dead. Women take the money because in most part, while they want to see justice served,  they know their entire life will be ruined. I wont judge her for taking the money.  This was before the Me Too movement and given his global status she was fighting a losing battle anyway. Regardless I'm already tired of the media coverage surrounding this. It's non stop and I need a break. If the news are correct and other planes and helicopters were grounded due to the weather, his pilot was the only one given permission to fly. Kobe's arrogance and entitlement is ultimately what killed him and everyone else. RIP

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