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Project Runway

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I like the Bravo version, but I wouldn't elevate it to appointment tv.  I enjoy Christian Siriano, he has great, supportive advice while providing some drama.  Brandon Maxwell is really funny and I love his endless ribbing of Nina about reveals on the runway.  Nina is the judge that I agree with the most, I appreciate that she knows the difference between a poser and real talent.  Karlee is an adequate host, she doesn't add as much value as Heidi has in the latter season, but I am sure that will come with time.  


I have a bone to pick with Elaine Welteroth.  I think a good judge is able to set aside an initial reaction and judge by the criteria presented in brief.  Elaine is constantly adding additional criteria. like is it comfortable? or is it modern?  I feel like I know every fashion reference she wears because I've already seen it on someone else, including the prescription aviators, and she seems to favor commercial designs.


I also think the whole variable sized model thing is BS.  The designers sketch before they know the model, so the ones who get short or curvy models are at a disadvantage because they inevitably need to change their design.  I understand the rather performative nod to body positivity but, the track record so far has been in favor of skinny models wearing the winning looks.  And, when they sell the garment online it has been photographed on a skinny model.  I also think that there is nothing respectful about using a curvy model if a majority of the critiques are about how the garment looks on her body, rather than focusing on the design and execution of the garment.  The disparate body sizes changes the task from a design challenge to a dressmaking challenge.  For example, the pastie-design from last night would never be attempted with a curvy model because it would look vulgar.  In future seasons I hope they choose either a skinny or curvy model for all of the designers based on the task rather than mixing them on the runway in a way that does not reflect actual fashion shows and trying to say that is fair.    


And while I'm at it, it is irritating that they talk during the runway show.  The runway part is briefer than ever, and half the time each dress gets is a shot of someone talking about it.  I understand that people don't like group challenges, but too few people are getting critiqued every week.  They could have easily paired down the group considering that there are only two background stories: either they are mid-40s and always wanted to be in fashion, but were never successful, or they are in the mid-20s and always wanted to be in fashion, but were never successful.  Arrow to my head, I could not differentiate Tessa from Hester to save my life. 

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