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Days: April 15-19 weekly preview

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Sonny and Gabi fear the worst.

Days of our Lives spoilers for Monday April 15:

Ben invites Ciara to spend the night at his place...

Days of our Lives spoilers for Tuesday April 16:

Eric learns Rex and Sarah have set a date for their wedding and makes a surprising offer.

Days of our Lives spoilers for Wednesday April 17:

Chloe is furious when she uncovers Brady's deception.

Days of our Lives spoilers for Thursday April 18:

Gabi and Ciara are held hostage by a cartel member.

Days of our Lives spoilers for Friday April 19:

Rafe is rushed to the hospital after getting shot.

Hope and Ben team up to rescue Ciara.

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Shame on you!


I want them both to bite the dust

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But then in a few years Will would be brought back again, so let's just keep him alive this time.


Wish I cared about any of this.


I'm somewhat enjoying Chloe/Stefan/Gabi/Brady but it's not enough.


Eve needs to be slapped, really really hard. Really hard. And taken down a peg. I'm so ready for her downfall. I don't want to see Eve and Jack have sex, and I know JnJ fans are so furious, but you NEED ANGST, folks. Jack was never going to come back, grab hands with Jen, and sit and kiss on the couch and reminisce about their old days. That's BORING. You need conflict. Eve makes a lot of sense. But it's the writing, as usual, that's lacking. And they haven't done enough with Jack and Jen together, imo. It's missing some elements. And didn't JnJ stans want Jen to fight for Jack for a change? Isn't that what she's doing? 


It's somewhat based in their history. Jack wasn't the lovable goofball who once claimed he was gay to avoid Greta's affection. He was a tortured soul, to put it kindly. I see a lot of old Jack now and I'm not upset by it. I just think Eve could have been better used against Ben instead of looking so sad and pathetic by trying to get revenge on Jennifer. And it is sad and pathetic. A 50 year old woman is so deadset on getting revenge on her "rival"? Please.


At least Brandon Barash is checked in. It's like night and day. I find him much more believable as Stefan. Tyler would have made a much better Nicholas Alamain.


There are certain elements I like, but as a whole, the show just doesn't come together for me.


Budget sucks. Most of the cast gets less than 10 episodes a month. You can't tell any stories that way, it's hard to invest. You see a story every other day. Once a week. Not at all for a week.


Look at Sheila and Abe. She appeared once last month and he twice. Yet they're still trying to "tell a story" there. YOU CAN'T.

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Sure, they need angst. But there was/is PLENTY of INTERNAL angst these two could have dealt with, including Jenn treating Jack like dog schitt the last time around because of Dan. Eve really sticks out like a sore thumb. She has never belonged in this story. And she is just pathetic. She should have been going after Ben all along and maybe she still could have mixed it up with Adrienne by maybe getting into some sort of legal trouble when going after Ben and maybe having Justin be her attorney and have them draw closer while Adrienne comes out fighting.


Instead, Ron did...this. And the ratings are deservedly in the toilet. No one wants to see this - or half of the other so-called "stories" going on now.

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I'll take it over the blue box set anyday, lol.


It's always the same sets over and over and over again.




I can't tell if they rearranged it a bit though (I believe they did) but it was Maggie's old kitchen circa 2003-2010ish (could have been seen before and after that, just remember it most in that time frame). Where Maggie met her maker by a bottle of booze.


It does remind me of Alice's kitchen but it's not the same. Thankfully.

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