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Days: 1/21/19. Weekly Preview

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 Monday, January 21
Xander jumps into bed with a surprising partner
Victor makes Brady an offer he can’t refuse
Gabi asks Kate for a favor
Eric makes a stunning discovery

Tuesday, January 22
Eric flips out over Sarah's betrayal
Kayla gives Jennifer bad news involving Jack
Eve encourages Jack to make a bold career move
Xander tries to pull a fast one on Leo Wednesday, January 23
Jennifer and Eve have a heated argument over Jack
Jack bonds with JJ, who warns his father about Eve's deception
Haley gets to know Tripp when she treats him at the hospital
Ted asks Kate for another chance

Thursday, January 24
Claire makes romantic inroads with Tripp
Haley and JJ grow closer
Chad makes a big sacrifice for Abigail
Gabi and Stefan declare war on one another. Friday, January 25
                                                                                                                                                                                                              Friday, January 25
Sarah tries to make amends with Eric
Jennifer warns Jack that Eve is using him
Haley reveals her secret to JJ
Brady and Chloe have a close moment                                                                                                                                           

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Jack just came back from the dead for, like, the 20th time -- and he's already running for mayor?  Oh, DAYS.  DAYS, DAYS, DAYS.   Would you PLEASE inject SOME logic into one of your stories for once?  Just for old times' sake?


And how da fuq does Leo, a CON ARTIST, not see that drugged champagne (or whatever) coming?  I mean, did he really think Xander would not think of SOME way to get out of sleeping with him?  That queen belongs on "America's Dumbest Criminals."

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Amen! Hope and Rafe just don't fit together even though they should "on paper." There's no chemistry between them, and I feel like some of Hope's feistiness has disappeared as a result.



I feel like Tripp had a lot of potential in the beginning. He was a bit edgy, angry, just came into tons of money, and then the writing turned him into just random cute guy. It'd be great if they could explore his darker past and what he was up to before Steve found him.

At this point, Sheila should just run against Abe for mayor! LOL

It would make about as much sense.

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