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GH: December 2018 Discussion Thread

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Aww. Congrats to him and his fiance. He seems like a very nice guy.


 me neither. My heart hurts for her. That's awful to have to go through that.


I see a lot of effort in some ways on their part so they aren't the problem for me. Altman is by far stronger than Passanante was but I don't know that we've truly had the chance because of so much interference anymore. But I think she tries. I'd like to see her without restrictions, with a real budget, and a better producer ... It feels balanced even though it's still a bit all over the place when you have 5,000 characters ... 


EDIT: I do remember wishing she had been left solo on Y&R ... she's not amazing like some noted scribes were, she doesn't have some of the freedom they once did, but I do think she tries. And I think she uses the vets better than Ron did towards the end of his tenure, and it's better for me than when Passanante was around. I imagine it's tough when most of them are recurring and you're forced to write 4 days a week for the likes of Nina, Franco, etc. and basically turn steaming pile of poo into something watchable. She definitely tries.

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