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Elections and politics on Soaps

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Yes, about Lee. Plus, as far as contributing to Luke winning, I think Luke was also riding high on the town being grateful over the whole Luke saves the world from the Cassadines and the Ice Princess thing.

IIRC, between the actors coming and going during that decade, one or the other was off the show so they didn't interact for a long time. After Laura "died", Scotty became involved with Susan & Heather, then left. When Laura returned she was being pursued by her other obsessed husband, Stavros and I don't think Scott was around. That got wrapped up and L & L didn't stay on too much longer after that so they took off together and didn't return for almost a decade. During that time. Scotty returned, eventually starting relationships with Lucy, Dominique and Katherine. Also, Scott got transplanted over to the spinoff Port Charles. So, yeah, I think it was a very long time before they shared scenes again.



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