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Catch me up Chuck

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Here's an open q&a thread for those of us who have fallen off in our viewing of the final four.




-Has Jane Elliot had her final episode already?


-What happened to Ava's face?


-How did Morgan die?


-Who tf is John McBain supposed to be now?


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Jane Elliot left in May.


Ava was caught in a fire trying to escape for dosing Morgan with placebos.


Morgan stole Julian's car all out on a manic high. Olivia Jerrome had a bomb planted in it to kill Julian. Thankfully, the bomb put constipated/crier Bryan Craig out of our misery.



McPain is now overly quirky former drug addict/doctor/former fiance of Hayden (Rebecca Budig) Dr. Hamilton Finn.  He came on to get rid of the worms in Tracy Q's brain.


Some TQ final scenes






Ava and the fire


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