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1988 Emma Thompson variety/sketch comedy show


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Apparently this was widely derided in the UK and to the point of being infamous (I think it was also the last sketch comedy show she ever did, after being in a number of them throughout the '80s). Kenneth Branagh and Imelda Staunton also appear. It looks like several episodes are around but I'll just put two links. 


The opening is...quite something, although I sort of like it.




(I always had a bit of a thing for Kenneth) 



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14 minutes ago, I Am A Swede said:

Thank you for this!

I simply adore Emma Thompson. 

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In my opinion she is one of the all-time best among actresses. She has wonderful comedic timing, and has also delivered some of the best dramatic performances ever.


Several episodes seem to be up. This is lovely, although it makes me sad in hindsight:



Here are a few bits from a 1985 special she did (singing, dancing, jumpsuits...it's the '80s alright)




(that one has a lot of bugs and spiders so beware)



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