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Black and Blue or Gold and White


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I can't believe this "debate" went viral Thursday night. Though it's providing a lot of humour. LOL Alright, SONers....SONnies (nahhh).....SONites.........SONtonians......(what are we called???? :lol:)......what colours do you see? Black/Blue or Gold White. I know the original dress is Black/Blue......but in this photo, I'm seeing Gold/White.

Here's the damn ugly dress:


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Ok..figured it out...if you are in a dark lighted room it shows up white and gold....if u shine the light on the dress it looks black and blue....LOL

They posted a photo that is blue and black, but the photo there is white and gold.

Maybe the white and gold was some lighting issue.

Wait...when I look at it now, it's blue and gold.

Are they spiking us with LSD?

I hadnt seen it for a while and when I came back into the thread I saw the same thing you did.....

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I only see gold and white. Even if I put my ipad under a light. I clicked the pic above and it opened in it's own window, gold and white. I clicked the link to the original posted pic, gold and white.


So I see a link to explain the dress and go there. They have 2 pics side by side of each color of the dress. But the gold/white there is not what I see here. The gold and white are swapped. What I mean is, here the dress is white with gold lace and there the dress is gold with white lace. The blue dress in all pics has black lace.

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