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  1. Merp

    General Hospital July 2018

    Am I the only one that thinks Lucas & Brad’s baby is going to be Nell & Michael’s baby? If it’s not, is Nell going to lose her baby during delivery & think L&B’s baby is really hers? The timing of the two babies is suspect.
  2. Merp

    GH January 2018 Discussion Thread

    Alexis running for mayor is stupid. She was married to a mobster, if that's not a good reason not to elect her I don't know what is. Also, she'd be better off as a lawyer trying to stop the development by tying them up in court with a class action suit or something. If she runs for mayor she wouldn't be elected until November, IF she's elected at all. That's a big, time consuming gamble. By November it might be too late to stop the development. I'd rather see Ned as mayor, though Laura was my first choice. And was someone appointed interim mayor? That's how it works in the real world. That person could also run since they would have experience acting as mayor. I also don't feel sympathy for Molly and TJ, they aren't from poor families. Go back home or find another apartment. Why were they living there in the first place since they aren't poor? I'm supposed to believe they weren't getting, or can't get, financial help from their mothers? Please.
  3. Merp

    GH: December 2017 Discussion Thread

    On a positive note, Genie Francis looked great. She and Emme Rylan looked like they were happy. They gave off a real nice mother/daughter vibe. I also think Anna and Finn work well together. Great performance by Anthony Montgomery.
  4. Merp

    GH: December 2017 Discussion Thread

    While I'm glad they didn't drag out the Jason/Drew reveal I'm irked by the story. Who did Robin revive at Crichton Clark, has to be Drew, right? Because he was the guy hit by the car and needed a new face. Yet, Robin has no reaction to the news that it wasn't Jason. Where is the follow up to that story line from Robin? I guess Drew was also shot or did Robin not notice there was no new wound? No one really has a normal reaction to the news. I'd be all like....WTF?! How is that possible? This is science fiction....aaaahhh!! Who wouldn't freak out? Also, Sam just accepting Drew as her husband when she has a long history with Jason is dumb. I get that he's safer than Jason due to the mob ties, but she married him again because she thought he was Jason! I don't care that they have a kid together, the women on this show have multiple baby daddies and it never seemed to be a reason to stay together. Pft.
  5. Merp

    GH: November 2017 Discusion Thread

    Well I must be brain damaged because I've been enjoying the show. I took a 20 year break because I was not into the mob crap but I was actually excited to see SB back. I don't know what most of you want from the show. (Not being snarky, I'm honestly perplexed) We've seen more of the old cast and had some new characters to freshen it up. I like the side stories, anything to keep the show about Sonny and the mob. I'm sorry many of you don't enjoy it, but I was there once.
  6. Merp

    The Politics Thread

    It's called fighting back. I guess you missed all the Leftist attacks of Trump supporters prior to the election. Or the Antifa attacks on the Rightist free speech supporters. How many Clinton and Sanders supporters were attacked? The left started this, the right will finish it. Just a heads up.
  7. Merp

    GH: May 2017 Discussion Thread

    I thought the NB was boring. I'm also sick of the Morgan b.s. We heard less about him when he was alive. They need to wrap this story up or replace the character with a new face like Jason. Where exactly was Ava when she got her bug out bag, the gallery? Never hide your bug out bag in places associated with you, if you're wanted those are the first places put under surveillance. Oy.
  8. I thought ABC wanted to tank the ratings with RC, but they replaced him, so maybe not. Frank should go, he's the common denominator. Happy New Year to all of you.
  9. Mayor Lomax looks like she has puss sy-willows glued to her head. What's up with her hair? 🤔 I get the blocking of an offensive word but sheesh, this is a plant, I own one.
  10. Wow, if I hadn't have read the posts here I'd have never known breastfeeding in public is still an issue. I breastfed all my kids and had my first kid in 1985. I threw a baby blanket over my shoulder, put the upper half of the kid under the blanket and fed them. I did it in restaurants, while out shopping, anywhere and everywhere and the majority of people weren't even aware of what I was doing. Considering there are beaches near me that have topless areas I'm surprised this is still an issue.
  11. I just caught up with this thread and I'm 2 days behind on GH. Dante's steakout. Am I the only one that thought it was bad? I get that Nathan would know Dante's location and drop in with food or whatever, but Valerie shows up and Dante was never informed that Val was assigned to him and she just shows up at his secret stakeout? Oy. Then to make it worse Lulu shows up too and sees Val's head on Dante's shoulder? This is some secret stakeout. In what police department would a detective not be informed that he was assigned a trainee and be told who it is? And in what police department would a trainee be assigned to a detective instead of a regular beat cop? Detective is something you work up to as an officer, it's not a position you start out from. It's stupid little things like this in GH that annoy me.
  12. So this was for real? That's pretty much everything I've been asking for. Also, no comments on the possibility of recasting Robin? Personally I think they should, but I know KMc has her fans and they wouldn't be happy.
  13. Jason reveal is set for November sweeps according to another website. /sigh I would rather they had the reveal months ago and had him struggle to get his memories back. He could have still been Jake Doe in his head since he can't remember either Jason. They have to stop dragging out these stories, they're bleeding viewers.
  14. Yeah Um no! That story is played for laughs way too much on TV and is beyond stereotypical. That wouldn't have been touching at all. I've met plenty of people who entered this country illegally and not one had to get married for a green card. I guess I've never seen those shows. Her reasons for doing it could be touching; she was being raped and abused, sold into the sex trade, watched her family starve to death, had her family lose everything to drug lords, something we'd feel for her over...not a lame arranged mob marriage. Who cares? I know someone that paid a US woman to marry him so he could become a citizen here faster. He had brought his real wife and daughter with him but they weren't here legally. After enough time he divorced the American and married his real wife and she and the daughter were able to become citizens. I don't condone it because it is breaking the law but until the gov streamlines immigration it's going to keep happening.