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Moments you wish social media had been around for?


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Any particular pop culture moments and scandals you would have loved social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, message boards) to have been around for?

I can only IMAGINE the memes and tweets that would have been born out of:

Michael Jackson marrying Lisa Marie Presley

DC4 break up

Bill and Monica Lewinsky (release of Starr report)

Anita Hill and Clarence Thomas

Lorena Bobbit

Left Eye burning down Andre Rison's mansion

Marion Berry smoking crack

I realize all of mine are from the 90's. The internet was born a couple decades too late :(

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This is mainly for twitter. Some of the ones Eric83 listed are really good, so I won't list them again.


Tanya and Nancy

The Real World Seattle, where Stephen slaps Irene

Backstreetboys vs. NSync

Steve Bartman trying to catch that foul ball

Michelle Kwan losing at 2 Olympics.

Titanic, the memes would probably be great

Brittney Spears and Christina Aguilera frenching Madonna

Brittney Spears in her sparkling outfit at the vmas

Tony Romo fumbling the ball duing a field goal attempt

2000 presidential election

Marty Brodeur in the 2003 playoffs

Mariah Carey's meltdown on TRL

Tyson and Holyfield

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lovely, that's so funny, I was thinking more message boards, but my first thought was the first two seasons of The Real World. I also thought, "NOT 9/11." I think we'd be an even more emotionally wrecked nation and it would have brought out the worst in a lot of people.

I'm from the D.C. area and I have family who worked under Marion Barry, so yeah, we would've eaten that up. I saw him at a wedding once and he was sweating like the proverbial you know what in where.

Social media would've destroyed Michael Jackson during those trials, Hugh Grant would've been doomed, and dear Lord, the Jeffrey Dahmer memes... In the eighties, "humor" wasn't all ironic and cruel yet, so I think the Challenger disaster would've been spared for the most part.

God, imagine what Rock Hudson and Ryan White and Liberace would have suffered...

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Bob Barker and Dian Parkinson scandal.

Geraldo get's his nose broke on his talk show.

Michael Jackson Pepsi commercial fire.

Jim &Tammy Faye Bakker fall from grace and Jim's affair with Jessica Hahn

Gary Hart's Affair.

Dan Quayles potato incident.

Nancy Reagan sits on MR. T's lap.

The Tylenol murders.

Rock Hudson AIDS story, his kiss with Linda Evans and the cast of Dynasty freaking out.

The creepy Max Headroom video intrusion incident of 1987.

Ricky Nelson's death in plane crash.

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Never heard of the Max Headroom incident. I had to Google that. Wow that happened in Chicago, how very random!

I imagine that talk about AIDS in general would've been very heated in the 80's and early 90's. As well as speculation over which flamboyant celebrities are gay.

I bet there'd be lots of "Who will die?" chatter after Dynasty's Moldavian Massacre season finale.

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