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OLTL-Wednesday, May 1st 2013 Discussion Thread

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Haha Yeah I feel ya..

Once the butterflies in my stomach of wanting to see my future baby mama Laura Harrier start to go away, I should be able to watch at a much more manageable time. bahaha.

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Todd said "Bullshit"

Viki also asks him about "Port Charles" and Todd says, "Well, there was a woman" when asked about his time there. LOVE IT!

The Daily Show, Huffington Post...finally, real-life in soaps!

Little Sam is here! Welcome Patrick Gibbons

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Love the Viki/Todd relationship.

Everyone using MacBooks...LOVE IT! Product placement galore that is just natural. It's not like iCarly where they had to make Macs into Pears

Also love the Matthew/Nora relationship. Adult and natural.

OMG.... "See if you can get me Barbara before she retires." They snuck that shit in...lol.

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