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Classic Made For TV Movies


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I don't know if this topic title has been done before, but what are some of the made for TV movies you remember and liked, disliked or maybe just gave you the creeps.

Mary Jane Harper Cried Last Night with Susan Dey......that movie was creepy and depressing. Susan Dey beats her daughter.

Diary Of A Teenage Hitchiker with Charlene Tilton.......Charlene and several other young girls are hitchiking and wind up getting killed/raped.

Dawn Portrait Of A Teenage Runaway with Eve Plumb and Leigh J. McCloskey......Eve as Dawn who is a runaway turns to prostitution. She falls in love with Leigh J. McCloskey's Alexander who is gay for pay.

Alexander The Other Side Of Dawn.....the continuation where Dawn left off and is Alexanders story.

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Small Sacrifices-- 1989-- Farrah Fawcett tries to kill her kids to keep a guy

The Day After-- 1983-- The Nuclear bomb explosion movie

Born Innocent-- 1974- Linda Blair in juvie

A friend to die for-- 1994 -- The movie where Kellie Martin kills mean girl Tori Spelling

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I remember one called "Quarterback Princess"....where Helen Hunt plays a high school girl who wants to join the football team.

Helen popped up in a ton of TV films and After School Specials. She did that one film with Tricia Cast and Grant Cramer where she sniffs some angel dust off Grants finger in the school lab and jumps out of a 3rd story window and is ok but having a bad trip. Her brother is holding her in a head lock trying to calm her down.....LOL

Lindsay Wagner was queen of tv movies for a long time.

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