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DAYS: Actress Returns!

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I could go with that, even though I like JLB as Laura. I wish she were working somewhere. I've always enjoyed her.

I swear I remember reading somewhere she was maybe ill or something but I could be totally wrong.


Found this on her website, which hasn't been updated since Feb 20, 2012. This is probably from then.

Hi Everyone, welcome to my website, so nice to have you visit.

Over the last several months I have had a very busy time procuring a license as a prayer practitioner after a four year course of study through the National Organization of the United Centers for Spiritual Living. I graduated in July of 2011. This license, added to my Spiritual Psychololgy Masters Degree, enables me to give spiritual counseling and career / life coaching.

This past fall I went on a pilgramage to France with the Mile High Church of Denver, Colorado, which is a part of the United Centers Organization. The trip was fantastic. We traveld all over France, visited sacred and historical sites , ending up in Chartres where I particpated in a sacred walk in the famous Chartres Cathedral Labyrinth under the guidance of Reverend Cynthia James and Dr. Lauren Artress.

Dr. Artress is a minister at the Grace Cathedral Church in San Francisco. I'll be joining her in March to become a certified Labyrinth Facilitator through her organization Veriditas. Labyrinth walking is a wonderful spiritual tool.

The film I shot last year, ALMOST FIFTY, is doing well at national film festivals and will be released on DVD very soon. So please keep an eye out, it is a very good independent film and I think you will enjoy it.

The Emotional Fitness section will soon be re-introduced for your viewing on my official website.

So, please enjoy the website and thanks for stopping by.

Guess she sort of pulled a Marcy Walker. Though as a spiritual counselor and life coach. That's really cool.

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