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The Max Holden/James DePaiva Love Den

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I thought about calling it an appreciation thread, but love den is more fun wink.png.

It's crazy to think that a character as popular as Max once was wound up as swept under the rug as he did, and it was about time that one of his biggest fans here started a tribute thread just for him and the actor that made him famous, James DePaiva. wub.png







I know JDP has focused primarily on theater since leaving OLTL, and if he were to come to my area in a play someday and I got to see him...I'd be dead. DEAD, y'all. wink.png

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Max Holden is one of my ALL-TIME fave male soap characters! Right up there with Brad Carlton and Cruz Castillo!

He's DEFINITELY my all-time fave OLTL character, male or female, bar none. He's the reason I started watching and IMO, anytime Max was on the frontburner is when OLTL was at its best.

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