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Jimmy Savile to be posthumously investigated for child molestation


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How bizarre is this? He's dead! Spending money and resources on something like this? Apparently people all OVER the place are chiming in about this, it's one of the biggest headlines in the UK recently, and the BBC have pulled the reairings of TOTP episodes that he is hosting. How ridiculous. And there was a 1977 episode that was scheduled to be repeated that hadn't been shown since it's original airing, but theyv'e cancelled the airing! Don't get me wrong, if he was still alive, I'd be all for the investigation to the fullest. I just don't see the point when he's dead. Here's Colleen Nolan talking about him propositioning her to go to a hotel room when she was 14.

For those here in the United States who probably don't know who Colleen Nolan is, she's one of the Irish group the Nolan Sisters, who started out being discovered by Cliff Richard, and had several hit records in the UK and Europe in the late 70' s and early 80's. (Colleen is the youngest one)

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