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DAYS: Jason47 completes research for 1965-1995! Show's first 7,700 episodes of cast/set lists...

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Jason47's research hit a major milestone today with the completion of the show's 1990 episode research. The show's first 7,700 episodes of cast lists and set lists (November 1965-December 1995) is now completely computerized, with 1996 soon to follow. With the massive size of information involved, I'm still working on the best way to get the information available to the public.

The 1990 episode rankings corrections list will soon be announced, and with that, the episode rankings will be as accurate as possible for 1965-1995. Research on 1996 and onward will go much more quickly since each episode's scene-by-scene is already available, with the cast/set lists to be compiled from those.

Thanks to all the "Days" fans past and present for keeping the show on the air and making this research possible!!

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    • Yes so big in fact that if GH was cancelled, I would shocked if Sonny did not ride off into the sunset with Brenda...with needed changes of course. Please register in order to view this content  She is still too heavily connected to the canvas...or can be...to not even NOT be relevant. As Brenda should be.   But I really came by LOL...granted I'm farther back than the rest of you, but I haven't gotten to the repetitive nature of the conversations between 'Sonny' and Carly yet. And like I've mentioned, I like this feels very much (as much as a soap can be) organic conflict.    But one thing I have liked about it (so far) has been Carly HAS NOT reacted to it the way she usually does. Let's face it...once Carly knew Sonny was alive and Nina knew, 9 times out of 10, she would have EXPLODED and @Cheap21 would have done one awesome 'Oh Lord Carly's on the Loose' gif/pic. Then she would have raised h#ll from the moment she found out to now, complete with a revenge plot.   I liked that they have truly just showed...yes, showed...Carly wrestle with her feelings over Nixon Falls. Olivia. Gladys. Willow(?). She has made a LOOOOOOOT of effect to not just explode at the drop of a hat. And even when she has started to, Carly has caught herself. And I found LW was playing that to the hilt. It's been over weeks, too. If that is not maturity, I don't know what is.   That said...I still keep that Carly will be her own worst enemy in the end. But at least it has a build to it.      THIS.   And they definitely prove that last part when VM came back for GH's 50th. First scene and it was there. At least for me. lol. 
    • I was never a big Brenda or Sonny/Brenda fan in her heyday, but I liked her with Jax near the end of the '90s and then came to appreciate her in hindsight much later. Caroline and I have had a lot of discussions centering around the S/B pairing in latter years and their doomed marriage in the early 2010s, and how their final (very good, brutally honest) scenes in 2011 indicated why it is futile to pair Sonny with anyone else - because if the character cannot change for her, he won't for anyone. I'm assuming Khan hasn't seen them so it's time to post them again! It was the first time in years Maurice had impressed me, and the last. Also some of the last, best work of the very longtime writing team, most of which went out with Guza and JFP. And I do agree - they could bring her back tomorrow and it would still work with them, and would be necessary to evolve the character and move him into an elder statesman role (with VM taking the share of story) and transition more and more away from the mob. We've discussed that one around here before too, though. It's also why Frank doesn't bring her back; he knows she is too big for the show he chooses to make and what he chooses to focus on.
    • Yeah, I mean, at least Promised Land makes Queens look good, but the producers should start talks about moving this to Hulu asap because it's not going to survive on ABC.
    • EDWARD TREVOR RADIO ELLEN RANDOLPH        Carl Richmond THE GOLDBERGS     Walter Jerrome GREAT PLAYS      Various     1940 JOHN'S OTHER WIFE      Robin        movies WAY DOWN EAST       Lennox Sanderson    1935 CHARLIE CHAN'S SECRET     Fred Gage     1936                 Please register in order to view this content TERESSA LIANE    NEIGHBOURS      Tammy Frazier      2011                             Rhiannon Bates 2013 DAYS OF OUR LIVES:LAST BLAST REUNION     Mimi Lockhart  Brady   2019-20 and INTO THE BADLANDS          Angelica     2015 THE VAMPIRE DIARIES     Mary Louise     2015-15 THE ROMAN EMPIRE     Agrippina the Younger   2019                 GRACE VALENTINE    RADIO GREAT PLAYS       Various     1939 LONE JOURNEY    Jessie King    STELLA DALLAS       Minnie Grady   movie TRHE UNCHASTENED WOMAN       Caroline Knolleys     1918                   BILLY HALOP RADIO BOBBY BENSON'S ADVENTURES    Bobby Benson     HOME SWEET HOME      Dick Kent    1934-37 UNKNOWN ROLES BROADWAY IS MY BEAT COAST TIO COAST ON A BUS H-BAR-O RANGERS   1933 LET'S PRETEND      Early 1930s THE MAN CALLED X OUR BARN     1936-41 SUSPENSE THIS IS YOUR F.B.I.   TELEVISION GUNSMOKE       Barney the Bartender    1966-67 ALL IN THE FAMILY    Bert Munson   1971-76 movies Portrayed "Tommy" in the DEAD END GANG movies CRIME SCHOOL     Frankie Warren   1938 ANGELS WITH DIRTY FACES    Soapy     1938 ANGELS WASH THEIR FACES     Billy Shafter      1939         Brother of Florence Halop.               GALE PAGE     (Sally Perkins Rutter) RADIO FIBBER McGEE AND MOLLY     Singer      mid 1930s THE HOLLYWOOD PLAYHOUSE    Self with Jim Ameche     1937 MASQUERADE     Gertrude Lamont THE STORY OF HOLLY SLOAN     Holly Sloan   1947-48 TODAY'S CHILDREN       Gloria Marsh     1936                              Carlotta Lagorro Armour     1946-47 UNKNOWN ROLES ARCH OBOLER'S PLAYS THE BREAKFAST CLUB          1935-37 THE CAVALCADE OF AMERICA DREFT STAR PLAYHOUSE ESCAPE HOLLYWOOD HOTEL       1938 OBSESSION THE SAINT SUSPENSE TEA TIME AT MORRELLS     1936-37   TELEVISION PILOTS/PROPOSALS    THE LOVING FAMILY         1951 MODERN ROMANCES Unknown Role "The Perfect Wife"   week of 12/6/1954 Unknown Role    "The Tender Story   week of 2/25/1957 movie FOUR DAUGHTERS       Emma Lemp      1938     Mother of actor  Luchino Solito De Solis.
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