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RIP Frank Wilson


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    • Nah... I found them online  And sure why not, I love to share. Except number 3 
    • Figured that's where Kate would end up  Please register in order to view this content Did not expect Jordan to make a surprise appearance though. 
    • Yum mmm mmm  Did you take these? And can you share the second guy? That's why I love going to home depot...ie pic 1.
    • 1-23   In my opinion, I didn't feel Cameron was soft on Joss at all. If anything, he could have gone harder. And Joss? She's DEAD to me after this day's exchange. Using the Hook attack for sympathy. And then she was all 'oooh, I was going to break up with you before that anyway.' You selfish [email protected] I was cheering that Cameron went there and asked her period if they had slept together before she broke up. He ain't stupid. Oh, and then she said she was not sorry for it happening. You bitca. RME.    And AHA!!! I am happy to see I was RIGHT!!! When Liz had that talk with Nikolas about the memory erasing drug...I knew he would get Tasha Yar to town. And here we are!!! And those writers really are painting Nik into that corner more and more. I'm assuming he's the Friday cliffhanger if anything this week if he stops airing this week or next.   A small moment, but I liked seeing Sam in P.I. mode. Since Mac isn't doing it, I wish someone was being a P.I. on this show. Could lead to an interesting adventure. Though I am wondering if Heather is Maggie. Or if Maggie is a person.    I stay loving Spencer's clear disdain for Dex. I guess I am now projecting. lol. 
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