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All: Storyline you want to see on your soap before it goes off the air

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Its inevitable that all soaps are gonna get cancelled. Its not a matter of if but rather when. Is there a certain storyline you'd like to see before that happens?

GH: Morgan's coming out story

This is something that people have been calling for ever since they recast him and made him super emotional. With him off at camp (I guess thats boarding school now) they've set it up perfectly for him to be brought back SORASed. I say while he was away he had his first gay experience and fell for a classmate of his. When he returns to PC, he keeps this a secret as he's scared of how Sonny will react and fears he might be rejected. Things get complicated for him though when his former fling moves to PC with his family and wants to rekindle their romance. Morgan tries to push hi away but cant deny his feelings for too long. We definetly need to see a scene of Sonny or Carly walking in on the two sharing a passionate kiss as the shock on their eyes would be priceless. Uncle Lucas can return and give his nephew some words of encouragement Grand uncle Luke can join them

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I really like that idea Cheap.

Another on I want to see on GH:

The Return of Tim Spencer

Laura returns to town, though no one knows why. She insists it's because she wants to see her family, but Tracy and even Lulu suspect there's an ulterior motive. Eventually, it's revealed that while in France she met and became friends with a man, who she later found out was none other than Tim Spencer, the abusive alcoholic father of Luke and Bobbie Spencer. When she found out who Tim was, she cut off all connection with him, but was conflicted on how she felt about him. He had been kind and welcoming towards her, but she knew what a monster he had been to Bobbie and Luke.

Once Bobbie and Luke find out that Laura know Tim, they fly into a rage. Laura tells them that Tim wants to reconnect with them, to see them, but they refuse. However, when Tim shows up in Port Charles, they have no choice. Bobbie is especially livid and, after a fight with Laura, shoves her down the stairs. Laura is in the hospital with a head injury. When Bobbie passes Laura's room in the hospital, she sees her father, and the two come face to face for the first time. Bobbie refuses to have anything to do with him. She spits in his face and calls him a worthless pig. Then, she goes to see Monica, in need of a friend.

Luke also wants nothing to do with Tim. He tells him: "Even if I could forgive you for what you did to me, I will never forgive you for what you did to my sister." Tim pleads with both of them, telling them that he changed, and is sober. They want no part of it, and tell him to leave Port Charles. Later that evening, Tim shows up at the Brownstone. Bobbie is alone with him for the first time since she was a child, and instantly flashes back to his abuse. She pulls a gun on him and screams for him to leave. After trying to talk her down, he agrees to leave. However, on his way out he suffers a severe heart attack. As he lays their begging for help, Bobbie stares at him blankly, tears streaming down her face. He utters "Help me, Barbara Jean. Do it for your mother." Bobbie flies into a rage. She screams at him never to mention her mothers name again. She begins hitting him. Screaming, crying.

Just then, Luke and Tracy rush into the Brownstone. Tracy embraces Bobbie in a tight hug and tells her "It's all going to be okay" over and over, as Luke reluctantly calls 911.

Tim is hospitalized, but is told he will need a heart transplant. As he waits in the hospital for a possible donor, no one visits him, Monica is reluctantly forced to operate on him, as the chief of cardiology. Eventually, Luke visits Tim and tells him that he should move to another hospital to await transfer. He doesn't find it fair that Bobbie should have to see him everyday when she comes to work. Luke then tells him that he doesn't hate him. He says: "I don't hate you. I don't feel anything towards you. You're not worth any emotion. You tried to break me and my sister, but you failed. Goodbye, Tim."

Bobbie later visits, and tells him: "I forgive you. Not because I believe that you're sorry. Not because I want anything to do with you. You are a monster, who beats up on women and children to cover your own cowardice. I can't harbor anger towards you, because you are not worth my time. My life has been hard, and much of that is due to you. But I am a happy person now, and I have a real family to support me. You are not my father, you are nothing but biology to me. Goodbye."

As Bobbie exits the room, Tim has another heart attack and passes away.

Later, when notified of the will, Bobbie and Luke learn that they have another sister, Renee, from Tim's second marriage....

What will happen when she comes to Port Charles?

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-Kristen Blake returns and destroys John & Marlena's marriage. Marlena reunites with Don Craig when he returns from the mailbox.

-Hope admits to a eating disorder.

-Stefano dies, Kate battles EJ/Lexie for control of the DiMera empire. Kate befriends Kristen and they take full control.

-Melanie, Daniel, Rafe, Gabby, Sami, EJ all get killed off by a serial killer. The killer turns out to be Caroline who is pissed off that she has to look after all the damn children.

-Eric Brady returns and romances Nicole. Nicole gets pregnant and lives happily ever after with Eric.

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EJ Dimera brutally murdered, Sydney is retconned as Nicole's child, Johnny is Lucas's again. Sami has mental breakdown but eventually takes her kids and heads to Hong Kong to unite with Lucas.

Lexie gets a storyline...any storyline.

A huge Horton celebration with as many returns as possible.

The whole eggbaby saga is just a dream.

Eileen Davidson returns if just for one episode to battle with Jarlena


Dru returns and takes back her family.

Adam killed

Sharon/Nick unite, Phyllis... who cares


Rex, Gigi and Shane leave town happily.

Viki and Clint reunite for good.

Tess accidentally kills Ford and Jessica reunites with Brody

Cord/Tina actually allowed to have time onscreen with their children

Roxy gets a happy ending

Nora, and Bo reconcile with the Evans family as everyone gathers for the birth of Destiny's baby. Matthew finally awakes.

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More than that, I get the feeling that she'd be so "Team Jarlena" that she'd deliberately underplay every scene with Jed Allan, despite their being a hot on-screen duo BITD.

The sheer force of Jed Allan barking all his lines would cause a Pavlovian reaction in Deirdre.

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I like all the ideas for GH. The Spencer father should be a lot of drama, and the possibility of another sibling for Luke and Bobbie is very rich. I also like the idea of Morgan coming out, although this should go with him feeling like the forgotten child. I'd also like to see Lucas involved.

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