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DAYS: Jason47's "Days of Christmas Past": 1970

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Hi all. I'm happy to announce that one of my next projects is going to be the "Days of Christmas Past." Full episode summaries will "bring to life" the earliest celebrations of the holiday from the show. I know many fans on the message boards enjoy "Classic Days" discussions. I hope these episode details will bring back fond memories for long-time viewers and will educate those viewers who were not yet watching (or not yet even born) when these episodes first aired. I had planned on releasing the first batch of info this December, but thought this would be an early "Christmas in July" present for all the "Days" history fans. Up first: 1970!

Episode # 1293

Air Date: December 23, 1970


Bill and Linda are on the phone. They discuss meeting for lunch and Linda helping Bill look for his mother Alice’s Christmas present.

In the Horton Living Room, Laura asks Bill to play Santa Claus for the children at the hospital. Bill doesn’t want to and suggests that Doug do it.

Doug and Julie are flirting on the phone getting ready to meet. Doug wonders to himself if it’s too early in the day for martinis.


Bill and Linda meet for lunch and discuss shopping for Alice’s present. Linda says she misses her own mother (Claire, who committed suicide) and that her father, Cliff, will be coming for a visit. She asks Bill about his feelings towards Laura, and he states that she is Mickey’s wife.


As Doug is getting ready for Julie’s arrival, Laura shows up and asks him to try and convince Bill to play Santa. Doug agrees to try his best.


Back in the Horton Living Room, Bill tells Alice he had a good time with Linda at lunch. She tells him that she approves of her. Alice talks about planning a surprise party for Mickey and Laura on New Year’s Eve since it is their anniversary. The doorbell rings and it’s a special delivery from Paris, addressed to Tom and Alice. It’s a Christmas card with a handwritten note from Addie and Steven: “Dear Mom and Everyone, Just a hasty note to say that I won’t be able to surprise you by getting home for Christmas after all. But I want you to know of my decision to return to Salem, perhaps sometime in January or February. I’ll keep in touch. I hope all of you have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year. Love, Addie…” Alice comments that Addie hasn’t been the same since Ben died. Bill disagrees. He says that she’s detached herself from her family and kids, calls Addie vain and thinks that she’s jealous of Julie’s beauty. He thinks Julie’s “messy life” is cause by Addie’s attitude towards her.

Meanwhile, Julie arrives at Doug’s with a small gift in her hand.


Doug and Julie are toasting to Christmas. Doug opens his gift and it’s a watch with the inscription “To my secret love..” He loves it and Julie puts it on him. Julie opens her gift to see a “very sexy jump suit, maybe in leather, but something easy to slip into.” She goes to the bathroom to try it on. They worry about their presents because people will ask where they got the gifts. She talks about having no tree stand and David stepping on a box or ornaments and the tree lights not working. She says that David wanted to see Santa but she made up some story about Santa having an emergency in the North Pole. Julie comes out of the bathroom with her sexy outfit. She says it is really low cut in front and Doug comments that’s why he bought it. Doug whistles at her. He takes her in and kisses her.

For the rest of this special look back at Christmas 1970, including summaries of the Christmas Eve and Christmas Day episodes, please visit http://www.jason47.com

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