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OLTL celebrates a milestone

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OLTL Celebrates Milestone

By SOD • Posted: Jul 15, 2011

The sudser turns 43 today! OLTL premiered on July 15, 1968 and was originally called BETWEEN HEAVEN AND HELL. It aired between GENERAL HOSPITAL and DARK SHADOWS. The opening scene? The image of a roaring fireplace followed by the death of Dr. Ted Hale who fell down a flight of stairs after a fight with Larry Wolek. Here's another fun bit of trivia: Faces weren't added to the opening montage until 1984. In 1987, Peabo Bryson added words to the show's theme song, which was one of the first soaps to do so. Which of your favorite episodes will you watch to celebrate?


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Here are some pics a fan took outside the studio at the party


Looks like we might be seeing Renee and Mr. & Mrs. Evans again soon! The pictures are great aren't they? Everyone look so happy!

EDIT some quotes from the poster at SoapCentral

"Patricia was unfortunately only at the studio to get her haircut. But, she did say that she filmed scenes with Bo last week. So hopefully we'll see her in the upcoming weeks.

And Roger was the complete opposite of Todd. Very nice, mild mannered, shy man. He was very friendly, but I think he gets a little uncomftorable with fans (probably due to his previous encounters). Still he was very nice (and as you can see he shaved off his beard). He also showed us to tattoos on his arms, each of his kids drew something on his arm. He's not sure what, but he inked it lol. He also rides his bike to and from the studio. It was a very pleasant surprise.

The only ones who weren't filming today, but stopped by to hang with us were Gina Tognoni, Ilene Kristen, David Gregory, and Patricia Elliot.

They were all nice. Kassie was extremely warm and friendly as always, and she started singing (along w/ the rest of us) the OLTL theme song. Illene, David and Sean probably hung out with us the longest. Austin had his son with him who was adorable. It's honestly hard to say because they were all just so incredibly nice.

What also was really cool was that they all seemed to be really confident in the online deal. And from what I heard, if they're asked to stay and the deal is right, they will."

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Also: "Bob, Kassie, Hilary, Kristen, Sean, Ron, Ilene, Kelley, David, and Melissa all were very positive about the deal."

Josh Kelley? That suprises me.

Glad Melissa and Kassie are happy about the deal.

edit: Nevermind about Kelley, just realized you're talking about the girl who plays Dani. I was wondering why you would list a last name. lol

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