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AMC Monday, May 9, 2011

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Those Bianca/AJ/Miranda scenes were fantastic! (I tried my best to convince myself that Marissa wasn't in them). It makes sense Miranda would be teased by her friends over her mother being a lesbian. CBL once again did a fantastic job, and I thought we saw pretty good acting by the two kids as well.

lol @ Cara's fascination with the french fry at the beginning of the show. She is hysterical!

Still like them, though I hated how Griffin was proven "right". I was annoyed with Kendall apologizing to him & saying she made a mistake. Kendall could've easily handled Ricky & gotten herself out of it, but instead the writers once again had to take that distress route with her & Griffin ended up having to save the day. rolleyes.gif

I agree with this

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