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AMC - Tuesday - April 26, 2011

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JV is so drool-worthy. Can his shirt be any tighter? Not that I'm complaining, of course. But he's just so terrible. Lish is trying her earnet best, but they're just not selling it.

In light of the cancellation, just looking at the big picture, it's really a shame that all things Rylee & Zendall came to define this show.

PS, does that hospital roster-schedule EVER CHANGE?

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Kendall is gonig to make Ricky fall in love with her and she's going to make him fall hard. You go girl! I love how she's the one in control here an calling the shots in regards to how to take the bastard down. She isnt simply falling back and relying on Griff and Ryan to save her

Ryan to Greenlee: "You think we might not be legally married" Duh!

Cara: "You've got yourself a Real Housewive of Pine Valley" Love it!

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    • No need to be hostile!!  @John If this hits too close home then maybe you shouldn't have started this thread. No one was attacking your dad.
    • Dude seriously as someone who had to put their Dad in a nursing home for the last 6 months of his like, this is NOTHING to make a joke about even if you are annoyed with or do not like EB
    • Someone send him to a nursing home already. Victor is a big bore.
    • I was about to post this. Classic ATWT at its best!
    • Eric Braeden had a malignant tumor removed from his bladder  https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid...mibextid=Nif5oz "Some of you may remember, I had a left knee replacement about 3 months ago and then developed some prostate/ bladder issues, as is not uncommon for men my age (49

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      )! Just a few days ago I had an excellent surgeon go in and take out a malignant tumor from my bladder! So, have been a little under the weather, but back in the saddle soon…with a vengeance! Eff all that age stuff!! I’m a defiant bastard! Thank you all for your loyalty to our show! 50 years, what an accomplishment for everyone involved, especially the writers! Onward and upward!!!"
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