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Y&R April or "Spring" spoilers

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In addition to the Sharon suicide tale in the other thread, these are some spoilers that are supposed to play out over the next few weeks:

Sharon continues to be haunted by the loss of Cassie

Cane's mother arrives in Genoa City

Paul's 18 year old son Rick pops up in Genoa City and mixes it up with two young ladies' sweet, shy, and trusting Hunter, and Selena, a brilliant, studious Latina.

A lonely pre-teen named Piper finds that her love of animals isn't enough, she needs a friend

Adam becomes a serious impediment to Victor's master plan to control his children, his company, and his future

Victor is infuriated by Adam's unexpected position of power and influence

Jana's world experiences a major change

An emotionally fragile Sharon questions her self worth as her relationship with Adam falters

Sharon meets sensitive, nurturing veterinarian Sam Gibson

Sam gives Adam serious competition for Sharon's heart

Nikki's drinking continues to drag her down

Noah returns to Genoa City, and so does his ex-girlfriend, Eden

Heather gets a mysterious new client

Cane continues to reach out to his wife

Colin stays close to Lily and the kids as the mystery surrounding Cane deepens

Cane's deepest secret is revealed

Victor's belief that he successfully separated himself from Nikki, and Nick from Diane, may be unfounded. His latest marriage could be undermined by someone with the right romantic history with one of the spouses

The truth about baby Lucy threatens to ruin the lives of multiple Genoans

Eh, does anyone care? They sound so boring to me...

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Baby Lucy, who the hell is that. I guess Y&R read the censor report about the latin communities. If they get rid of all the black cast. Since they want to Keep CK, they can change CK character whole name to something else. The cast wouldn't be so bloated then.

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I thought Emily O'Brien said that Y&R was refocusing on the core families? In that case, who the hell are Rick, Hunter (ROTFLMAO! Only B&B fans would get that), Selena and Piper? And why they hell are they going to be shoved down my throat?

Kevin Schmidt returns (yay!) but he's bringing that horrendous girl Eden with him (boo!)?

Feather is gonna yap about something?

Victor is going to keep giving Adam the side-eye?

Riveting. Guess I'll be watching B&B this spring.

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Rick of course is the SOARSed son of Paul and Isabella(will he be nutty?) but I don't know about Selena, Hunter, and ummm Piper. Hahaha didn't Tristan Rogers play Hunter the super dooper P.I.? Piper's description sounds absolutely atrocious.

It's actually the same teen quad set-up both Bell and Alden used with one main character's son (Nick, Billy) and a bunch of newbies although Alden made it work even better.

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Sheffer writes atrocious teen stories. Then again he writes atrocious everything.

I wonder if we will get another "Keys to the Kingdom" or 30-year old "teens" almost drowning their girlfriends and this being presented as hot and sexy.

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    • This sounds hysterical.  
    • Rebecca Herbst even if I do have a preference.
    • OMG same. He's not desiring of her right now but I would lost my sh&* if she does show up in a few weekas. Okay...now we are just picking to pick.   If you were misdiagnosed about an illness for DECADES, you get the right to feel a way. Now if you keep going on about it for ohhhh six months...then be shady.     Not policing mind you, js. 
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       Showing the power of BRENDA.  But going into what I'm saying...FV is very good...even at ego aside...at what works for an anniversary. So I do expect Brenda or at least Luke to show up. But it being kept under wraps.   I will eat crow if I'm wrong of course, I just feel one, the other, or both, is inevitable.   And we all know I want her to ride off into the sunset if the show is cancelled so   But that's the thing. Even with them gone, Brenda STILL has enough connections to make it work...and even make new connections...which again makes it work.   We all can see her landing at Deception and it writes itself from Sasha to a silly feud with Maxie/Lucy or both to running afoul of Ms. Wu. And THAT is ONLY Deception. Off the top of my head. I know all of us can think of more storyline.      
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