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Sad story about Sharon Wyatt

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I hope Sharon is okay.

Sean and Tiffany's wedding was the funniest soap wedding evah. I loved it from the moment he strong armed her down the stairs to get married and it only got better when her real name was announced. Everytime I watch it on YT, I laugh hysterically.

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I loved her...Tiffany was always a breath of fresh air. So many of the characters on GH during the 80's were...Robert, Anna, Duke, Robin, Tiffany, Sean, Frisco, Felicia, Alan, Monica, Bobbie...the people who are on it now with the exception of Luke and Tracey, are not the characters I thought I would be faced with upon tuning in.

But anyways, God speed recovery Sharon, get you back and up again!


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    • If that the case then I dont think Kim would help bc she was so divisive the last time. No one liked her but Sheree and she caused more division than anything. Everyone tag teaming her at that reunion was epic though        
    • OK, RHOA looks really GOOD. Everyone looks gorgeous, and they packed a lot of juice into 3 FULL MINUTES of trailer!  I have thoughts (Marlo still Fake AF, Kenya still Grumpy AF) but overall the show seems to be generating a momentum we haven't seen in a while. It seems determined to give us juicy stuff this year -- hence the renewed focus on Drew (which maybe why the trailer was delayed, so that Bravo could splice in the Drew Divorce Drama).     Kim is back because Bravo is not confident that the main cast has fully gelled TBH. So they're throwing Penniless Kim in there, they're throwing Cynthia in there, they'd throw Porsha in there if they could.
    • I believe Bobbie was a surgical nurse.  She was maybe head surgical nurse but Audrey was the administrative head nurse as long as I can remember, and by the time she was gone Bobbie pretty much was too thanks to JFP/network. The tribute was lovely, but like @Vee, I think it would have been really special had the hospital crew from when she started been around too.
    • I am so excited that my girls are back! Updated intro shots, updated promo shots, tons of drama... bring on the peaches!
    • I had to laugh a little when Alex said he had a face people liked to punch

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        So true. I freakin hate Xander and Maggie together.  I know it's supposed to be a nice friendship, but Maggie likes him better than her own daughter for no real reason. Tripp was cute lol.   What uber driver would drive a 7 year old to a prison and what guard would not contact her non-incarcerated parent before allowing this visit?  That is actually ridiculous.  That's also an exceptionally complicated plot for a child to pull off even a demon seed like Rachel. I don't care about Leo's gossip column so I don't want to give it much thought, but would the medium to large size city of Salem's residents care about this group of 20 people's petty problems?  Are they important?  Is Chloe Lane like a well know figure in society? 
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